[PIC] Hyori – Shooting for Hyundai i30 MV-CF (19P)


12 Responses

  1. woooooowwwwww………………HOTNESSS!!!omg omg omg…nosebleed…..i tink i can die of overbleeding from the nose!!!

  2. HOTTTTTTTTT at leats mr shorty looks hot here??? right???? well not really but not bad, omng omg the skirt is so short, omg nosebleed too.*dies*

  3. Looks like live performance we missing out something?

  4. its really cool…
    and i love that hyori outfit and her style there…
    make me cannot wait for the official MV..hehee…

  5. OMG Sexy hair sexy legs………..
    But is that even a skirt??!! So short!!! T__T

  6. wow, all the pictures are stunning!
    so excited for the new mv :D<3

  7. Wow, those are really nice! Thanks for posting them! I can’t wait to see the MV!

  8. oh my lord hawt hawt
    ingore peter pan…
    omg sexy outfit n so is the person wearing it
    Hyori hot hot hot

  9. she looks so darn hot there ><

  10. woooaaahhh..too hottttt! So sexy…me sweating with
    that short skirt ^_^
    Enough of this teasing already. Give me the MV! …the
    longer the better.

  11. She’s 30 but yet she looks like she’s in her early 20’s. O:

  12. Wowwww … wonderful .. thx so muchhh

    so cute ^^

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