[PIC] Behind the scene Bali photoshoot (6P)

Instyle Magazine Bali photoshoot BTS

June edition







The last 2 pictures are from the girl’s blog I suppose. I don’t understand everything but she said:

“Me with only suncream on…

By my side the pretty with makeup on and a bright smile Miss Hyori,

I look like an Elementary student. kekeke

Even from a woman’s point of view she is pretty, her personnality is cool,

After this photoshoot, I became a fan. ^^ “


Translated by startoxic


10 Responses

  1. bright smile Miss Hyori , ^^

    Nuna .. 3rd is … lolzz CUTE .. haha

  2. so jealous…
    if i knew she was there, i would visit her at hotel and cheer her….T_T

  3. lol she’s so lucky to be able to take a picture with hyori T_T

  4. always wanted to visit bali lol

  5. hahahaha the 3rd pic with the tree, well not a tree, but well, hahahahaha so cute, my unnie

  6. cming from a girl i love her to death

  7. aaaaaaahhhhh..she went to Bali X) she should held a concert in Indonesia..huhuhuhuw..I really wanna watch unnie XD

  8. wow… lucky you… yea, personality of Hyori is really really cool… no wonder everybody loves her , except for those who’s insecure haters…

  9. Nice photo i like it

  10. i’m indonesia… i’m so proud hyori unnie came here…

    please cameback again in indonesia unnie… i’ll be guide for u…

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