[HR’ Talk] Mnet 20’s choice similar outfit?

~ HYORI & 2NE1 ~



CL’s shoulder vest and Dara’s high heels are similar to Hyori’s.

Are they the new IT items?? ^^

It’s kinda weird that they are wearing similar clothes at the same ceremony event. xp


8 Responses

  1. LOL I didn’t chose the best pics of the girls. But the main point of this article is the outfit. keke ^^

  2. wowow but CL’s vest looks so cool, maybe cause of the color, i didnt notice dara’s heels,lol

  3. Wow..you have the netizens eyes lol..i think CL one looks nicer tho..hyori looks like alien in that @.@

  4. lol maybe they did it on purpose 😀
    anyway, its pretty awesome if they didnt match purposely xD

  5. Really not digging the pointy shoulder pad jackets.
    But those heels are killer! I could use them for
    self protection.

  6. OMG !!! dara and hyori nuna !!!

    love both :p

  7. eh eh eh eh eh Ri-NE1 =))

  8. yep. portruding shoulder pads are the current trend.

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