[News] Lee Hyori vs. Ivy, October Showdown!

Korea’s TOP SEXY SUPERSTARS will once again go at it head to head!

Korea’s “Hot Girl” Lee Hyori and “Sexy Diva” Ivy will both be returning in October, with brand new albums and battling it out for the top spot!

Lee Hyori’s label Mnet Media stated:

“We are preparing for Hyori’s comeback towards the end of October. Although this date may change, for now, October is the target date for Hyori’s comeback.”

Ivy’s label Chocolate Ent stated:

“October is very likely for Ivy’s comeback. Currently we are doing everything possible to bring Ivy’s body and condition back into top shape.”

credit: AllKpop

7 Responses

  1. if only you compare the two pictures .. look at their outfits, hair, and face, you would see that hyori is much better than ivy in all of the categories. 😀
    i have no clue who that ivy girl is but she better watch out cause our queen hyori is gonna whoop some awards!<333

  2. hahahaha! definitely an easy win for hyori..go hyori! can’t wait for her comeback..

  3. sorry but ivy is not sexy at all, she is like a ballad singer too me, look at her clothes, she always has those outfits.
    Hyori jjangggggggg, Hyori #1

  4. hyori will win!!

  5. Hyori no.1 sexiest diva…
    not just hot sexy but trend setter….and best dance girl too…

  6. […] credit: AllKpop + hyorisubs […]

  7. […] credit: AllKpop + hyorisubs […]

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