[PIC] Hyori – Mnet 20’s Choice 2009 #1 {Blue Carpet} (30P)

{Aug 28, 2009}

– Blue Carpet –

8 Responses

  1. she looks STUNNING!! 😀

  2. OMG !!! she’s killing me ~~~

    she looked super sexy !!!

    i love you nuna !!!

  3. is it just me or do the camera angles make her look paler?

  4. Hyori >_<
    drop dead gorgeous!!

  5. O.O Her outfit looks weird! Star wars feel! Hahaha
    Make up is bleh too, wrong lipstick color.
    But Hyori looks beautiful!! Nice hair and nice boobs keke

  6. haha alice, lol her boobs are too nice, lol
    yes i dont like her clothes, and her make-up too, but once i love this girl i love everything about her no matter what, haha love her hair

  7. arrgghhh nooo!!! why hyori’s dressing like that..that pant is a no go, instead she should wear a skirt. that’ll look better. anyhow, love her hair and nice boob..i want her boob tooo~

  8. Hate the pants, hate the blue jacket, don’t even like the hair style or makeup ~_~
    Too much Star Trekkie like.

    But envious of those boobs and love the girl. 😀

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