[Video] Hyori – Mnet 20’s Choice 2009 {Blue Carpet + Opening + Awards + Ending} (6V)

Blue Carpet & Talk



♦ Awards ♦


HOT Body #1

HOT Multitainer #1

HOT Style Icon #1






4 Responses

  1. Thanks B for the super quick videos!!!
    I only watched the 1st one and I’m spazzing so much!!!
    She looks so stunning, she is the Diva of the night!

    And what her belt fell off suddenly! i bet she is scolding her stylist after the event! Don’t be too harsh on them Hyori unnie!! Kekekeke

    The MC look like her personal servants, one holding her clutch and the other her belt!! hahaha so funny.
    OMG I have so much to say… XD Her heels!!! Did you see her heels!!! Dying….

  2. Hyori is really a caring nuna, she mentionned Daesung in her speech when she won Multitainer. I hope he gets well soon too!!

    And I can’t forget to say that Hyori is really a fan of 2PM. She said Jaebum has a good body too. ^^

  3. Her belt fell off at the opening >__<

  4. Congrats on the 3 Wins Hyori ❤
    Too bad we didn't get to see a performance.

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