[Video] Hyori – Interpark CF (20s)


8 Responses

  1. hahahah soooooooo cuteeeeeeee
    her pony tailes, this reminds me of heyheyhey, haha so cute, like a kid, hahaha, cute*cute*

  2. Awww our princess Hyori >__< adorable much!

  3. lol..the 5th pic is cute~ahahaaha! crack me up seeing her lying with arms and legs spread open..hohoho

  4. hahaha so cuttttttttte…love it. Love the pigtails 😀
    She needs some 30s CFs,
    these short ones are killing me. Tease tease tease. I want more.

  5. why is she so cutee..esp the face down on the floor doing frog style swimming..keke

  6. Love the makeup in this lol..compared to the Guess one

  7. haha this cf is adorable 😀

  8. lol haha too cute

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