[News] Lee Hyori, new face of Interpark

>> Interpark new face <<

:: Sept 01,2009 ::


Lee Hyori is active as the model for interpark’s ad.

Internet shopping mall Interpark ‘shopper’s heaven’ with its slogan “Korea’s service” appointed the best celebrity Lee Hyori as their model. Interpark usually appoints the best celebrity of the moment as their main model.

Lee Hyori will be active as interpark’s model for one year long, Interpark promotes its services and advantages through TV ads, online ads etc.
The first move of the recently promoted “Korea’s service” by Interpark is “Exchange or return for free”, Lee Hyori in the ad experiences happily this free of charge service.
Interpark sales department manager said “From her debut until now, Lee Hyori is continuously loved by the Koreans, influencing the new trends, keeping her status of top star, all of those match with the image of high quality products that Interpark is working for for 10 years now, that’s why we chose her to be our spokesperson.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori recently won at the award ceremony of Mnet 20’s Choice the “hot style icon”, “hot body” and “hot multitainer”, showing her status of the best cultural icon.

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

3 Responses

  1. QFT

  2. Cool! a new CF contract for our girl. The cfs were cute, hope to see more in the future.

  3. i agree with aska 😀
    she should do more and more cfs!

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