[PIC] Hyori + 2PM – Mnet 20’s Choice {Fancam} (14P)





13 Responses

  1. Our queen looked lonely there..in my opinion
    It will be different if big bang beside her

  2. yea..i feel sad for her..sitting there

  3. she seems kinda lonely .. lol if would be different if big bang was sitting next to her 😀
    or 2NE1 since they all love each other [[=

  4. OMG are 2pm out of their minds!???!! THE QUEEN is in their presence… and let her look so.. alone T____T

    but gosh, lucky boys 😛

  5. man…if i was ther,id engage her in a conversation in wateva way possible…those celebs must b too intimidated wid our queens presence..wish dae was there…theyll b chatting all the time,,,

  6. They are probably shy ~~ >___<

  7. lonely star ..

  8. Aww she looks lonely but I know she was happy inside and she was acting all composed and pretty. haha

  9. She seems liked of bored sitting with them. HAHAHA

    But she still looks drop dead gorgeous.

  10. haha! XD it was a bit awkward from what ive seen in the pix! but hyori was gorgeous and cute and 2pm hot as fire!!!!!

    thanks for posting B!!!!♥♥♥♥

    this feels like summer,i dont want summer to end that fast! !__!

    school is coming,i dont have much time to be the geek i was,but since i got my lap reparired,i’ll be stalking on here and talk to you everytime i can ^____^ this was angie’s flooding time,stay tuned for more XD

  11. she looked a little bored ?/??

    but she said she liked 2pm right ??

    anyways she’s jjang :p and i wanna see one of 2pm member be in FO !!! i hope it will be khun !!

  12. ye she looks a bit lonely in some, smiling in some…hope she had a good time there at the show. She should have brought a date…or mimi to cuddle with 😛

  13. Aww 🙂

    looked like chansung was there for abit xD think they had a little joke.

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