[CAP/GIF] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.62 + Preview (7P)(12G)(3V)

– CAP –

Family Outing Ep.62

(Sept 06, 2009)

Singing Kara’s Wanna…cute cute

Our hyori is a biter!

run fast like the wind 😉

She’s impressed by Jong Kook’s water jump keke ❤


Next Week’s Preview

> Shin Hyun Joon <

(Ep. 63)


3 Responses

  1. hahaha hyori is so cute dodging the gourd x]

  2. i think hyori was really funny and cute this ep, can’t wait for RSS to sub it!

  3. Thanks kiddy for tons of cap as usual~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This episode was fun and w. is so cute but yaa.. she’s too skinny now.. aiy maybe prepare for her new album… HR+SY look at her baby’ face ..kiss xXx lol and faint with her wanna’s dance!!

    Daeri is love in the background and Kookri saranghae.. LOL yaa w. dont fell for kookjong.. just see only his muscle and wet 😛 hahaha so cute xD

    PS. Can’t wait for the sub too >< ..

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