[GIF] Daeri + Kookri – Family Outing Ep.62 (5G)


hyori use towel to strap daedae.. to not fall into the water again

What a cute nuna! ><


massage his nuna… xD Aiy Daeri love

Ps. They alway take care of each other xD (in the background :P) ROFL!





OMG! My pet Kook Jong!!! Whoaaa…  ❤


KIM KOOK JONG… Saranghaeyo~~~♥





Bonus: Wanna! (Kara)

CUTE Right? xD ah~yea.. our hyol is the cutest!

but LOL at Siyeon looking


GIFC: CHUI, HyoleeSubs / CAPC: thanitab

5 Responses

  1. haha hyori is so cute with kim kook jong
    and hyori holding daesung by a towel to prevent him from falling is just plain adorable<3

  2. this must b the epi b4 the dae’s accident…bet hyori noona misses him so bad…noona-dongseng love…haha

  3. next week is the last week for daeri<3 for awhile, she's gonna miss dae so much.
    daeri, kookri, haejinri[?] …everyone with her is cute.

    Oh i heard some rumor of who's gonna be the next guest after kim hyun joong…but not sure if true…so i'm keep quiet now.

  4. i see a lot of hyori and hae jin’s moments, sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee, and poor dae, but JoongRi is another cute nuna-dongseng couple,she is so pretty in this ep.

  5. thanks for the pictures 😀 i love kookri and daeri 😀 who’s the next guest ? 😀

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