★ Happy Birthday ~ Alice (Startoxic)


Our Admin, Startoxic

8th September 2009


I wish alice have a wonderful birthday.

I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true

Best Wishes

Thanks for being our translator @ HLS ,, thanks for you hardwork for hyori’s fans here

I LOVE U.. hehehe

You are now in Korea to study.. I hope you have a happy time there

esp. can meet hyori and your fav celebs in person lol and make us jealous


Ps. dont be too sad with Jay leaving today.. im sad too! T-T wth!

Hv fun with your birthday party xD i hope i can go…


18 Responses

  1. happy birthday alice…..

  2. happy birthday 😀

  3. Happy Birth Day .. Alice ^^
    wish you see her again .. closer xD

  4. alice!!..i chatted wid u 2dae..and i din noe its ur bday!!!happy burfday chingu!

  5. Happy Birthday 😀

  6. happy birthday alice… i wish you all the very best… we love you here in HLS. thank you for your hard work… fighting 😀

  7. happy birthday dear & sweet alice!! hope you’re enjoying your holidays ^_________^ much love!


    wish you all the best, wish your dreams will come true, your wishes will come true, everyone is fine with you and your family. I wish you can meet hyori and your other idols soon, wish you all the best in Korea.

  10. Happy Happy B-Day Alice
    have a wonderful day….even though you’re in a new country, hope u met some great new friends to spend your bday with 😀

  11. Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful time in Korea!


    Even though I don’t know you personally I still wish you a happy birthday. Eat a lot of cake and birthday food because it’s your day. I hope you have a wonderful time in Korea (oh remember to tell Hyori I say Hey,girl!) HAHAHAHA

    But nay really have a great trip. 😀

  13. Oh B!!! XD Thank you for posting this topic for my birthday! It touches me a lot, thank you!

    To all my friends up there, I want to thank you one by one hug you one by one, but that’s kinda hard right? keke

    I’ve not been a good translator lately due to my new environment. I promise I’ll be back soon, ok?

    Love you all ❤

  14. Hello Alice:) Happy birthday:)
    I hope you have a great one!!
    All the best!

  15. Happy birthday to you Alice (Startoxic ) !!!
    i wish you happy successful life too ..good luck !

  16. Thanks for this great,wonderful blog !!!

  17. happy birthday!! 😀

    n have fun in korea! 😀

  18. Happy Birthday!
    Have a good time in Korea! 😉

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