[News] Contract expires in November, What is Hyori’s decision?

>> What is Hyori’s decision? <<

:: Sept 08,2009 ::


Music megastar Hyori Lee’s whereabouts attract attention from the media and entertainment world. Lee Hyori’s contract with Mnet Media expires in November. Her future broadcasts and activities as a singer depend on what kind of company she collaborates with. So far, Hyori hasn’t decided on whether to renew her current contract or to switch companies and sign under another one.

Possibility of Hyori switching companies cannot be completely eliminated because according to sources, Hyori has plans to work with a manager she has known for a long time, signing an exclusive contract. Therefore, Hyori’s future development may or may not change drastically. With a new company comes a new face for the fans.

In the past 3 years, Hyori’s relationship with Mnet Media has always been great. Under Mnet Media, she has achieved great success as a singer and as a regular for variety shows. Therefore, many in the music world believe that Hyori will continue with the same company. Whatever decision Hyori makes in November has successfully garnered great attention in the entertainment industry.

In other news, Hyori will release a new album before her contract expires with M-net Media.

Translation: forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


6 Responses

  1. I hope she will under Mnet Media.. yes i ageed that she has achieved great success both singer and variety shows. Thanks for the translation =) can’t wait

  2. I hope she stays with Mnet, I like Mnet, Mnet has its own channel and whenever hyori has a comeback, you can only see hyori on mnet channel, i meant you can see her videos and things on mnet channel all days, it’s soooooooooo cool, plus she is doing great with mnet right now, so i wants her to stay with mnet.

  3. Agree~ ash…I hope she will stay with Mnet too.. it’s cool
    or maybe just go YG 😛 kiki (kidding.. our w. change to hiphop lol)

    Thanks for the translation Laura dongseng and welcome to our team! our new translator =’)

    Ps. Ash!!! welcome back here, (o)ur home heheehee.. miss you.. i miss your hyoris wing lol

  4. hello Laura..thank you for translations 😀

    Ye I think she should stay with Mnet too. Other companies seem to be having some drama lately. Plus she’s like the face of Mnet, I really don’t know of any other singers with them…maybe Davichi and SG Wannabe ?

  5. hope she continue working with Mnet media,the company really support her acitvities.

  6. Hahaha, it doesn’t matter for me which company she’s going to work with next. Hyori unni’s still as great no matter where she is. (: As long as I see more of Hyori unni, I’m a happy kid 😀

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