[News] Lee Minki To Lee Hyori: I Noticed You Smiled At Me!

I Noticed You Smiled At Me!


I just happened to notice you, noticing me – and so I wrote a song about it!

Lee Minki revealed that there is a song on his album dedicated to the beautiful Lee Hyori, known for her killer smile.

On Mnet ‘S Body’ which just aired on the 9th, Lee Minki discussed his 2008 MKMF opening performance: the burden, his nervousness and ultimately how much he enjoyed it. When the production staff told Lee Minki that it seemed as though Lee Hyori really enjoyed his performance, Lee Minki stated, “I saw that too.” Lee continued, “I remember the way Lee Hyori watched me and smiled brightly. So, in my new album – to commemorate that special moment- I wrote a song about her, containing the lyrics, ‘I saw the way you smiled at me.’ ”

Lee Minki, who has just released his album entitled, “No Kidding” has claimed that when he recently met Lee Hyori again, he expected her to say, “I enjoyed watching your movie.” However, when she stated, “I enjoyed listening to your album,” he felt butterflies. He also claimed that Lee Hyori had expressed surprise at the type of music Lee Minki had chosen to do. Finally, Lee Minki has claimed that though many question the longevity of his singing career, as long as people accept and listen to his songs as music, he will be satisfied.

C: @allkpop


5 Responses

  1. ahh next -ri couple .. lolzz


    ki-ri … xD

  2. KiRi? lee min Ki and hyori? hahah
    I love this guyyyyy he is awesome and seems nice though, hahaha
    plus there is another couple of FO haeRI? hahha

  3. What song is it? 🙂

  4. both lee minki and KJK used to have fake scandal with yoon eun hye in X-man show
    but hyori get love from both of them now

  5. lol! everyone eventually falls for hyori!

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