[PIC] BTS pics from FO ep.66-67 (4P)

(Episodes airing after Kim Hyun Joong-Seungri)

Pics from FO filming Sept 7-8.

The guests are KJK’s best friends Cha Tae Hyun and Jang Hyuk.

FO’s first repeat guests 😉

credit: nicha1980@soompi


7 Responses

  1. wow… this would be very hilarious episode… it must be watch…

  2. LOL. everyone is dressed up so cutely in an apron:) Happy cooking!

  3. wow.. must have lots of funny thing happens ‘coz of cha tae yun. his previous episode is one of my favourite 😀

  4. LOL i see hae jin next to hyori again, hahahha

    btw janghyuk looks so hairly, LOL i mean his hair and beard, haha. i cant see chae tae hyun.

  5. is daesung in it too? can’t rlly see the faces.

  6. CHA TAE YUN IS BACK xD lmao ahahah omg he’s gonna tease hyori and jong kook like mad

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