[Video] Hyori – Hyundai i30 Showcase {Perf/MV} (2V)

Hyundai i30 LIVE/MV Showcase


“Hey Mr. Big + CF’s Song + U-Go-Girl”



♦ Lee Hyori + Wilber pan ♦



8 Responses

  1. i can’t to see the proper CF on youtube not a fancam version of it but omg
    i miss these songs +D

  2. yeah i cant wait to see the proper cf 😀
    the cf reminded me of the one with park bom and the club LOL
    and i wanted hyori to sing live =/

  3. yes this remind me of the anystar , also anymotion,?? haha
    btw hyori is hot at always
    omg i miss u go girl and hey mr big.

  4. epic..long since i enjoyed a fancam video
    the new song and dance is sexy too
    3rd video last part..kewl stuff

  5. I wonder when will the mp3 for her CF song will be out ~ Can’t wait~~

  6. Wao wao wao. cool stuff!!!!
    The MV looks pretty good, but yeah banal story. ^^

    I want a car signed by Hyori!!!!!! hahaha

  7. OMG this is so COOL!!!!!! i still need a clean version of this cause it hurts my eyes but Hyori is definitely the lead in this! ^_______^ worth waiting really!

  8. my eyeglass prescription drop went up another number, but love the performance. Can’t wait for the official hq mv release too

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