[GIF/VID] Daeri + The Nation Sibling + Haehyol – Family Outing Ep.63


Daeri + Haehyol

Aigoo.. they are so cute.. takecare of his nuna xD

YOU had too much fun dancing ‘Fire’ …poor girl but… (- – !)

Daeri – Crazy dance!


Daedae’s her bodyguard

Jongshin crack me up LOL he’s short and did like that xD haha

daedae… get well soon pls..comeback and takecare nuna


Ya..daedae.. why dont you use her pillow then 😛

hyori’s sleeping like a kid.. cute


This is so cute…

Chui really pay attention to the smallest part.. really! haha

Ps. Recently I notice Haejin also her bodyguard No.2 .. follow daedae

these 3 alway eat together =D





The Nation Sibling

‘I Don’t Care’


Such a cute sibling… ^_^

DONT TOUCH My little sis’ 😛





HaeHyol or Haeri



> <




Next Week

Kim Hyun Joong + Strong Baby

C: dearboy, GAHWA, 핫핑크/CHUI

4 Responses

  1. dae and ri are so cute ><

  2. Haejin and Hyori starting to look real cute together hehe.

    Hyori so happy in the next weeks caps…wish they were in bikini and shorts instead of the diving suit.
    That would be real Baywatch *0*

  3. im so happy! i missed this so much!finally,we’ll be able to watch some daeri! ♥__♥

  4. there’s definitely something about haehyol that i really like–and those pics really capture it!!! (i like how he’s tending to her knee~)

    omg just a couple days for JOONGRI!!!! XDDDD
    (poor seungri— he’s definitely going to be out of the spotlight~)

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