[HR’ Zoom] Netizens compare Soju models – UEE vs Hyori

There has been a topic raised after news went out that After School UEE will be the new model to Choem Choreom Soju, taking over from diva Lee Hyori.

And netizens compare the 2 as the models to the product.

Many netizens feel that while both are pretty ladies, UEE’s image was just too pure for soju. And Hyori has pretty much been the image of Choem Choreom soju for some time.

Netizens’ responses:

  • “I cannot image drinking choem choreom without seeing Hyori’s face on it. I’m not going to drink it anymore”
  • “Hyori has a really pretty smile, it looks unnatural on UEE though”
  • “It seems they want a younger image on the product now”
  • “In anyway, this is a game where youth wins”
  • “Seriously Hyori looked so much older being compared to UEE, but then again UEE has been popular amongst guys these days”

credit: sookyeong@kbites


13 Responses

  1. Sexy ladies !!

  2. Hyori can drinks 3 bottles of soju…
    That inspires someone to try soju again & again
    So,Hyori is the best for soju cf

  3. lol def hyori. she shines in every picture unlike that UEE girl. whoever the heck she is.
    HYORI FTW!<3

  4. hyori hands down!! she’s gorgeous. who the hell is uee? what a retarded name and she’s not even good looking.

  5. Oh I saw the ad for soju with UEE on the subway yesterday!!! I didn’t know she is replacing Hyori!!!!!! WHY??? I loved Hyori in the soju ads!!!!! =”(
    UEE is ok but nothing bets our Hyori!!!!!!

  6. THis sucks. The soju cfs are like my fave from hyori too.
    Uee’s expression really doesn’t fit with the soju. Maybe they people to drink out b/c of depression now..instead of the fun energetic party image our hyori gave in those ads.

  7. hyori go, this is so strange, cause whenever i see a bottle soju, it reminds me of hyori
    i cant image not seeing hyori on soju lol

  8. uee looks so young to be replacing lee hyori she didn’t look like she was inviting people to drink soju it looked like she was saying that soju gives problems if minors drink it. Minor with less clothes and a bottle os soju… there’s no way i’m drinking that><

  9. hyori wins, hands down, i am use to hyori on soju’s posters, and all, so it’s really weird for me to see uee ‘s posters

  10. dont u tink uee has the same face in the 1st 3 posters????!!…even if hyori doesnt do chum churum anymore..i hope other beer companies will take the chance..keke…mayb like carlsberg?heineken?…spread the hyo virus to the world!!!

  11. Uee has got an incredible body and she’s pretty, but she looks so boring compared to Hyori who just oozes charisma! Hyori’s pics bring life and fun!


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