[PIC] Hyori for October ’09 Cosmopolitan Magazine (8P)

Cosmopolitan 09

“October ’09 Cosmopolitan Issue”

…Tough Lover…

Omgawd..is our Hyori sexxy much *O*

…and when did she get bangs again? Wig?

credit: omonatheydidnt

14 Responses

  1. Look at the tatoos on his arm!!!! Ahhhhhh it’s the same model from the Guess campaign hhhmmmm hyori must really like him bahahah

    • These pictures are amazing and she looks fantastic! She’s so beautiful.

      Question. Anyone know who that guy is, like what his name is? I know he’s the same from the guess jeans ad but what’s his name?

  2. Holy boobies !!!!
    WoW …i am so wanting Hyori ….i am in lustful state right now !!

    I want to have her !!!!

  3. I want her so badly ..just be my wife Hyori !!!

  4. Back off guys, sorry all,back off , back off, cover your eyes
    Back off, hyori is for Daniel OK, haha ,

    OMGGGGG so sexyyy
    when i crolled the page down, OMG the pic on the bed, so hot
    the same guy from Guess, omg i think he was my fav from guess, i think hyori did pick him to do this shoot with her, lucky dude, youre on hyori’s eyes, oh my pro- model, so sexy. i love the white clothes

  5. wow… hot hot hot!!!

  6. ohshit!!!!!!! damn HOT W. xD bleed*

    i think these photoshoot also relate to guess jeans..
    that guys.. the jeans… dont think was picked by her.. that guy so hot…

    xD the first pic is oawwwwwwwahh aiyaaaaa FTW
    her bangs sure is wig :’D k…. me know u want hyobod & hyoboob<3

  7. oh hot damn!
    hyori got so much sexierr ;D<3

  8. MY GOD the woman is flawless 😀

    lucky guy 😛

  9. oh my fawkin gawd!!!…man,i stared at every pic wid my mouth open!!..new transformation!!!is she the same hyori noona on FO?….i envy that guy so much now….:(

  10. OMGGGGGG !!! i wanna be that guy !!!

    nuna !! you are so fucking hot !!!

  11. holyyyyyy bananas! Hyori is sooo sexy! Like i loovvveeed the entire shoot. Like her hair, clothes,makeup.. all perfection! She’s slowy making her comebackk guyss… can’t wait till October, when our SEXY QUEEN COMES BACK WITH A BOOM!
    Lee Hyo Ri! Lee Hyo Ri! Lee Hyo Ri! Lee Hyo Ri!

  12. Even though this photo shoot looks hot it is of a bad taste .
    It makes her look promiscuous .She just sells her body and soul to the lustful eyes of horny man !!!

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