[CAP/GIF] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.64 + Preview (14P/4G)

– CAP & GIF –

Family Outing Ep.64

(Sept 20, 2009)

Crack Crack Crack Crack all day today lol 😛

Abracadabra…Hyori is GaIn 😛

Hyun Joong & Hyori looks very happy ^_^



Torrent | MU | MF

cute_girl,aja-aja, hq_bigbang


Next Week’s Preview (Ep.65)

5 Responses

  1. this episode is really banging…. love it…

  2. I like her more like this than with heavy make up and big boobs.

  3. i love hyori dancing with seungri, haha yoo sexy girl, this ep is so good, haha
    i love the fashion show.

  4. ooh seungri touched hyori’s waist xD<3

  5. i seriously loved all the joongri moments!
    and the throwbacks to the 90s/early 00s… TO DIE FOR XD

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