[News] KARA’ Nicole wants to be a singer like Lee Hyori!

Nicole wants to be a singer like Lee Hyori!


KARA’s mascot Nicole Jung expressed her will to become a successful singer like Lee Hyori. Nicole will tell us more about her lifestyle when she was studying in the States and her experience as a member of KARA on an EBS English Channel Show titled “Star English”.

Nicole was borned in California,Glendale and she came to Korea 3 years ago debuting as a singer. She used to be an active member for choir ,sports and other school activities when she was a student. She recorded and sent the video of herself dancing through the net and got the chance to be a singer. She said that she is really relieved because many friends helped her to go through all the hard time when she just reached Korea a few years back.

Nicole also said that the singer she admired the most is Korean’s sexy diva Lee Hyori, she is always a Lee Hyori’s fan. Besides, she wished that she can perform with Rain. Rain is the man who influenced her to have dream to perform on stage!

C: Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

//Nicole is Biri fans 😛 .. this news is for kie ^-^


7 Responses

  1. wooow

    i think nicole should be in FO sometimes lol

    and i trust that nicole will be happy to be with hyori nuna :p

  2. Wooohooo …my two loves in the same story<333
    I wish Nicole could be on FO too! ….too bad she's already on another weekly variety show though.

    I didn't know Nicole is from Cali too….yay Cali ❤ 😀
    She's funny and adorable on shows….i'm happy she admires our Hyori too<3

    • another variety ? did you mean star golden bell ?

      anyways i thinks it will be good if she be in FO :p

      i think dumb and dumber will be very very happy :p

      and we might know who sent msg to daesung LOL

      • I think Nicole is done with Star Golden Bell.
        She’s on a new show that’s kinda like FO and 1N2D….it’s
        called Bonanza (Nodaji) ….Jay (2PM) was one of the regular MCs with her there too. But too bad no more Jay.

        Oh yeah lol…i forgot about that Kara texting with Dae.

    • i need to find that show to watch !!
      bonanza !! jay and nicole :p
      anyways i need jay back !! he needs to do a dance competition with taeyang ….. :p i really wanna see that ^^

  3. I don’t think Nicole has what it takes to be the next Hyori!
    She’s cute though!

  4. Nicole ❤

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