[HR’Share] Hyori Self Cam pics (6P)

Hyori is Super Fly

Some old random SelfCam pics you guys might have seen or not. Cutie lol ^^

**Not a Selca pic…but i think very cute ^_^ **


13 Responses

  1. OMG when was the 1st pic taken??? She is so dorkyyyy… XD

  2. Cutie Hyolish!!! LOVE so so.. xD 1st PIC UNSEEN~~ FTW!

  3. omg ~ tt’s so funny.the one with her facial mask on. 😀 *LOL* i like them alll.

  4. the one with the black teeth is so cuteeeee her expression is all cute, hahaha

  5. LOL, Hyori’s so pretty yet so dorky haha.

  6. cute!^^

  7. I love that her hair is different in like every picture!

    I love the one where she has what looks like seaweed on her teeth! This is why we love Hyori! Because she this amazingly beautiful, sexy woman, but she has an amzing personality that doesn’t depend on her looks. She’s just herself. I love it! ^_^

  8. cute… on the 3rd pix, she has a similarity to Taeyeon os snsd in the first glance…

  9. I like it !!!!!!

  10. i feel like im in selca heaven now!!…theres a pic wer she wore the striped hoodie?..looked like the 1 she had on FO…i liked all of them,look so natural n comfy~~

  11. the 2nd pix, so cute~~ \o><o/

  12. you know what hyori will sign under Gil entertainment after her contract end.

  13. haha i love her dorkyness

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