[News] Hyori to Challenge Acting Again?

>> Will Hyori Act Again? <<

:: Sept 23, 2009 ::


Whether Singer Lee Hyori will challenge acting again is stirring up rumors in the movie industry.

It has been four years since Hyori acted in the 2005 TV series, “Three Leaf Clover,” as Kang Jina. On the 23rd, news surfaced that the movie “Bling Bling” whose script is already done, has unofficially casted Hyori.

“Bling Bling,” a cheery and light comedy, is based on the book, “Apgujeong Diary.” The plot centers around three women. While they spend their last Christmas together as a group, they bet on who brings the most handsome boyfriend to their final gathering, which initiates a series of love stories.

The producers of “Bling Bling” said, “There are many people under consideration and plans aren’t confirmed as of now.” However, they seem confident in casting Hyori for the role. Although Hyori has been criticized before, most of the criticism stemmed from the character written by the script that Hyori played on the series. Officials from the movie industry stated, “At the time, Hyori wanted to portray a girl who remains happy and cheerful despite bad times. In the end, what failed was the choice of the role,” and “There’s a very good chance that Hyori may transition into an actress through the straightforward and honest role in ‘Bling Bling’ which matches her personality very well.”

While being interviewed for a magazine, Hyori said, “I don’t want to be casted simply for my popularity or influence. It has to be a role I’m suitable for. If such a role exists, I want to try acting again.”

However, worries arise due to the untimeliness of this role. Sources said, “We haven’t received any plans about this role,” and “Her album is coming out soon, so filming and promoting might be too exhausting.”

“Bling Bling” will be directed by Bae Yong Joon’s ex-girlfriend, Lee Sa Gang. She graduated from Chung-Ang University as a film major and has directed music videos for Fly to the Sky, 2AM and other idols. In addition, she received an award for her first short film from The London Film School and the 2004 Judges’ Award for short film.

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15 Responses

  1. I want a new dramaaa 😀

  2. I hope she has time for the drama. It sounds really exciting!! Who has the most hot guys???? Huhu I know the answer already…. And it means a lot of hot guys are going to be in the drama too…. XDDDDD

  3. Ohhhh im so excited for Hyori!! Singing, modelling, and now ACTING!!! >___< hyori is dominating !! love her!

  4. if she play at drama, maybe she doesn’t play in family outing again like yejin and chun hee.. 😦

    but i want view her in the new drama too,,hehe

  5. wow, that would be amazing, i would love to watch the drama with her in it! Sounds fun!!

  6. Keakkkkk…. i hope she do it.. the plot sound fun and match her personallity too xD wonder who is that HOT guy !!!
    ‘Bling Bling’ LOL the name of the movie suit her as well hahaaa
    but she must be super busy W. because of her new album

    Can’t choose.. You must do both!
    but too tired for my w. … hmm but i miss your acting xD lol what r u goin to do?
    why am i talk so much – -?

    Oh~~~ i forgot that it just a rumours (= . =)

    Thanks Laura !!! ><

  7. alright. this reminds me of sex in the city. smthing like tt ~ yep. i bet there’ll be LOTs of HOT dudes arnd for this movie. 😉
    Personally i wld like to see hyori back in the acting industry. She’s got the talents for sure and i wish her the best. Multi-tainer LEE HYO RI !! FIGHTING !!!!!!!! B)

  8. yeaqh hyori GOO i cant wait for this

  9. OMG when i read the news, when the word comedy appears, i knew that this was for Hyori, i have been waiting so long for this, i love comedy /romantic ans yes this suits her personality and character very well, you guys remember the heyheyehey comedy, its so funny and hyori was so good in it, in the end the ratings jumped over 20%. however this is a movie and not a drama. drama is like at least 16 long, this movie sounds good, 3 girls? wow so i think the 3 girls will be the main leads then? i wonder how the girls are, they better cast her best friends , and HOT guys, this mean hot actors? hahaha

  10. I really hope she does get the role. =D I loved her other dramas ^_^

  11. sounds exciting…

  12. […] forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com […]

  13. This Sounds Interesting. To have Hyori in acting again.

  14. cannot wait the film….

  15. i really like your blog its very nice information.

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