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.Protected stuff like…

Fanmade : Old/New ~ Photoshopped, artwork, wallpaper, banner (with other credit)

News :  Old/New ~ (that you can’t see in Korean news site), rumor

All+Ri (couple) : Old/New ~ rumors, pictures

Talk! : Old/New ~ About Hyori stuffs  if we don’t want to spread to public

– Copyright Video

Deadline: 26th September

[Korea Time]



OPEN : November



Do not take out any stuff from protected topics here

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Register @Wordpress > changed avatar

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For all regular members & visitors… you can still access once

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175 Responses

  1. Here to join the club but i feel that it would be better if everyone could see it 🙂 Share the love

    • There are some information that we don’t want to spread because it is confidential or sensitive.
      We know there are some haters that stalk this site so we need to make sure that the people who see this kind of topic are real fans. This is the best we can do to protect Lee Hyori and unfortunately it isn’t much.

      I hope that all of you can understand. ^^

    • Yes~ staback.. if you see all protected topic ..you will know… why we protected them =D

  2. Go Hyori:) we all love you.

  3. Hello,

    Hmm…I’m not sure I followed the rules properly because my avatar doesn’t seem to change even though I changed it already (or maybe I’ll have to wait a bit longer until it’s changed?)

    Anyway, I became a Hyori fan since I’ve watched FO. And I would love to know more about her 🙂 My email is iamsumthing@yahoo.com

  4. Bluefrostz_123@hotmail.com

    Send them to me too thanks 🙂 and I’ve read your replies with regards to my earlier post. Don’t worry, I do understand 😀

  5. Register…

    Change Avatar?
    Go.. My Dashboard > User > Your Profile > My Gravatar

    (I see everyone only monster now -_-! not sure ..you’re member or not.. pls change ^^)

    • Thanks so much for pointing that out. I guessed I did it wrong the first time. I fixed my avatar already. Hope it will show up now. ^^

    • Its wierd lol.. I changed the gravatar before i posted them but it doesn’t appear

    • Thanks for that, I’m new to wordpress so I didn’t know how to go about it. Please include me too! ^_^

      I have become such a Hyori fan since watching FO for Lee Soo Kyung’s episode and then through FIN.K.L. because of Sung Yuri’s dramas. Conclusion? I ended up becoming more of a Hyori fan than for the other two combined!! There’s just something about her that you can’t resist!!

      My email is below:

      If you ever need help in anything, I would love to help if I can =D

  6. so we just type in our email?


  7. hi!
    actually i’m new fans of hyori (i know her from FO and from the first epi i liked her and adore her)..
    and i really search her latest news nowadays,,and i check this blog like everyday..hehe…
    (sorry if my english bad)
    and since i saw some of the news in here were protected,i really wondering how can i get the password,,and lucky,this day is a oppurtinity for us who really2 like her can know about her news…and actually i made an blog in wordpress to make it possible…and if u dont mind i really want to get the password…
    thank you very much for your hardwork for making her close to us who are her fans for subbing her OTR and other stuff…thank you very much ;)…


  8. lee hyolee is love
    say it backwards: love is lee hyolee

    haha sorry for the lame “rap”.
    TIA for the password 😉

  9. testing to see if avatar updated

  10. HI !
    first of all, love what u guys have been doing w the subs and news updates!
    u guys keep the Hyori Effect going strong~THANK YOU SO MUCH.
    esp for clueless noobs like me who have no idea how to get news and vids…

    i’m also one of those who signed up an acc just to be a member.
    if you don’t mind sharing the HyoLove, pls drop me an email here


    Thank you again & HYORI JJANG!

    • erm. i actually updated my avatar a few times, but it still doesn’t show up. even after 5 – 10 min. any solutions pls?

  11. i only have to comment here to get a password? >.<

  12. How do I register?

  13. Like this ?

  14. Hi,
    I’m recently a Hyori fan. I think she’s a great and hardworking artist. And I think you guys are doing a great job subbing her work. Keep it up.


  15. @Aska ..
    I cant log in at my email to activate my wordpress account . Can you log in for me ?

    my email is luke.zimmerman@yahoo.com

    please Aska log in for me ..i tried many times , and could not activate my wordpress account .

    Thanks !!!!

    • islets// your wordpress account is activated now. Can you log in to your WordPress and change your icon. (any pic will do)

      -To Change Avatar-
      Go.. My Account > Edit Profile > Change Your Gravatar

  16. I cant find in dashboard user and your profile to change my Avatar ..

    Damn ..i feel like such a failure !!
    Aska what should i do ??

  17. Argg i think the instructions were wrong///
    I editted it. Could you try the steps above again.

    You were able to log in to wordpress though right?

  18. im testing again to see if my gravatar works…

  19. yay hope this works


  20. not sure whether my 1st comment succeed, but i really want to know more about her. so please let me join ^^


  21. hi! im new to this blog, but i saw that we needed to get a password to view a lot of the topics so i registered and here is my email!
    thanks for all of the hardwork!


  22. thank you for everything you have done. I was really excited when i found out there is an active english fansite dedicated to hyori!


  23. ok my is

  24. Thank you barbie so much for changing my Avatar .!!!
    Thank you ..thank you !!!!

    Cheers …

  25. My name is Yorua but I hate it so I tell others to call me Jane. And I love hyori and I really check this site everyday. Oh im a Hyorifreak! lol; and my email is


  26. I am very happy to be the member of HyoleeSubs !!

    so glad ……..

  27. I want to be a member….

  28. I want to be a member….what should i do???

    • @missnowz
      you should sign up at http://www.wordpress.com 1st
      then click to ”my account” to edit your gravatar, or come here just to ask for the password, the pass will be sent to you after that, good luck

  29. ~~SENT to you~~ check it out

  30. Good luck isletsss! Seems like you’ve been having problems trying to get access ^_^

    I would recommend changing your password if you didn’t already because my comment notification showed your password in it =]

    Best of luck!

  31. My email is poprocksandpepsi@gmail.com

    This site is awesome, btw. Between this and Soompi it’s much easier to keep track of everything <3!

  32. Thank you everyone ,Aska,Aslee , Barbie etc !!
    I now can see protected Hyori news/ topics .

    I am glad / happy !!!

  33. I love all the Hyori info! Thanks so much for putting it up here! My email is bloomncrazy87@aim.com

  34. Me too please? ^^ ♥


  35. may i have a password 🙂


    hyori FTW

  36. Oh thank you for opening this up. I am so happy I get to see so many fan produced works + other news.

    My email is roguerevenant@yahoo.com. Thank you for all the hard work, and maybe I’ll join one day (once I’m confident enough in my language skills, haha)

  37. hello…i’m eve…
    i already have an old account from wordpress…
    need you to sent the password please…
    thank you,,,sis..

  38. I’m your BigFan. So please let me have your password. I really want to get in touch with your website. Thank you for advance…

  39. hi!
    I’m a new hyori fan… i became a fan since i’ve watched FO.. She’s really cool and funny.. Thank you very much for all your hard work.. here is my email


  40. Diehard fan here. Help me fix my addiction please. thanks =D

  41. oops. yee_hyan@hotmail.com is my email. sorry

  42. i try to change avatar already. But it’s still be that cartoon. I really want to me your member in your website. PLease send the password to me. PLease please please

  43. hi i’m one of hyori’s die hard fan. This is my email anjgo_2005@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!!

  44. Hi! I just got into Hyori through watching FO and I absolutely adore her and Daesung so I would love to join your fanblog 🙂

    sch_res at hotmail dot com

  45. hi! can i request to be a member? (:

    i’ve started liking hyori since a while back but i really fell in love with her since the beginning of FO XD i watched every episode because of her.


    thank you in advance (:

  46. My email is huyentrang9201@yahoo.com
    Thank you so much for all did for Hyori’s fan

  47. carmenlee88@hotmail.com

    I hope Its not too late yet.

  48. vietgrl_03@yahoo.com…love hyori!!

  49. siddha_1990@hotmail.com
    X aqui un fan español que me encanta vuestro blog

  50. hello, i’d like to ask for the password ,thanks ^____^

  51. nightsword, nnine2902, anjiewanjie, sandiluv, wonderyosa,
    caneye, vietgrl03, confuSius


    huyentrang920, misssnowz, SweetLadyJane, Sherly, aubreymisha, takichan, angie

    please change avatar first…

  52. lalalindaax3@yahoo.com

    I love hyori<3

  53. foamless @ gmail.com

    Add me please 🙂

  54. ^whoops wasnt logged in..
    foamless @ gmail.com
    there we go?

  55. hi… carolito_20@ yahoo.com

    im part of hyori thread in soompi… i wish i can have the access of protected stuff of hyori… have a good day…

  56. Snowling, calolwafu


  57. Fine, send me the password 🙂

  58. herrooo (:

  59. ~~~~~~~~~~~~CLOSED~~~~~~~~CLOSED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    (huyentrang920, misssnowz, SweetLadyJane, Sherly, takichan, angie)

    ……still need for you guys to register at WordPress.com and change avatar.

  60. hello aska..
    can i ask a favor?
    I was late 4 da registeration.. my internet was down and I just check this blog just now…
    can I have a chance?
    I am also Hyori’s fan.
    Can I?

    if u accept me..
    my mail is imtiaz_05@yahoo.com

    thanks in advance

  61. Hey babe:) sorry for the late response. I was having trouble on uploading the pic:)

    I hope I can still receive the passwordTT TT
    Thank you so much babe!!

  62. Hi,
    I’m recently a Hyori fan.please pasword


  63. (sherly, yaya K, enjiii ) < SENT


  64. ———— OPEN ————
    Deadline: 26th September

  65. Hi!!! I’m sort of new to the site, but I hope to be joining the community and becoming a more active member here!! Here’s my email, jaxpham7@gmail.com

  66. This is a great website. Thanks guys!!

  67. excellent website.

  68. Love the site…. has been reading Hyori’s update and hopefully can be a member and contribute…..

    thanks Hyoleesubs!!

  69. Loving this site, especially love reading the updates!!!

    Thanks Hyoleesubs for a great website/blog!!!

  70. I would greatly appreciate it if I can have the password.
    I check your site everyday for updates. love the GIFs especially the Dae-ri ones 🙂

  71. How do I get the password?
    I am a her fan since U go girl released. Help me

  72. Make sure that you already changed your avatar and then leave comment

    If you are still “monster” avatar.. that means you haven’t changed yet
    Ok .. you guys need to change avatar first… then we will send =|

    Thank you everyone ^_^

    >>> jaxpham, diinna, anuiii, Josh ( Sent~~~)

  73. Ive been her fan for a whie and enjoyed her Family Outing show. heres my email: joshlo246@gmail.com

  74. hi!! Love this blooog!

    email: kicelitsa_val@hotmail.com

  75. send me as well 😀

  76. me too…spread the love, romele7326@yahoo.com

  77. Kayeefookoo@gmail.com

    love this site. Thank you Family Outing for bringing me here. FO and hyori actually inspired me to work on my own artwork again

  78. my email : niyamitk@yahoo.com

  79. My Email : imchen1994@hotmail.com 😀

  80. my email: sxigd.0059@yahoo.com.vn

  81. I really love this blog 😡 smuch smuch 🙂

  82. thank you for opening the access to protected stuff!! <33
    lee hyori ❤


    thanks again!

  83. hello, my email is projectnineteeneightytwo@gmail.com, thanks!

  84. Hey there everyone~ I LOVE hyori. I LOVE this place. Count me IN !!!! Ty. 🙂

    Cheers !

  85. thanks for all the subs!
    I think i registered and added an avatar correctly.
    email: dccbdino@yahoo.com

  86. do i still have to sign up when i’ve got the protected password for the previous one?
    oh, i can’t seem to chat on chatroll too!


  87. This is a cool idea~ I just changed the gravatar, please can I be included?

  88. Please read the rules again about change avatar…

    Now.. we will send only ppl who already changed…

    >>> Kicelitsa, sever31, bebecakedee, niyamit, nikei08, projectnineteeneightytwo, yycyhyy, dccbdino, heylistenmrboy (Sent~~~)

    @aubreymisha: Yes ^^ then u will become a member here…

  89. I’ve been following this blog for months now xD Yay. lil_cheeky_anjool@hotmail.com

  90. can i be included? i’ve being visiting this blog often..thanks~! 🙂

    email : yunz.68@hotmail.com

  91. hi~! please send to me. thank you

  92. Hmm.. I’m not sure how. But I want to join T_T


  93. Loving this site, especially love reading the updates!!!

    Thanks Hyoleesubs for a great website/blog!!! Keep up the good work, hope I can contribute much 😀

  94. hi…

    thank you for the blog!! It’s really awesome!! Hope to be added…


  95. I want to join~

  96. Thanks for this wonderful blog where I can learn more about Hyori. Please send me the password to suekien@yahoo.com

  97. Hello, thank you for a chance for me to became this site member, I can’t sleep without checking hyori’s news from hyoleesubs. Thank for all eng sub 😉
    My email: msaejang@gmail.com

  98. Hi..Thanks for the Amazing Blog in English.

    So that I may understand what is going on in some of the show that I watch. Also I can stay current on what is happening.

    My email is tj_123@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the great effort u guys put in.

  99. I would be very grateful if you will send me the password. Cuz im a big fan of hyori.

    My email : leeochong@gmail.com

  100. Thank You, I am always waiting for getting into this content.


  101. hopefully this time it works. geneheng@hotmail.com

  102. Sorry for the repost but my avatar finally changed! Love your site so much, check it every day!


  103. saylalala, finkliberty, lareine13, shadowdeath, azukibun, hellothisismyusername, adorethequeen, star2struck, marosjang, itsmetj, leeochong, luckycoco, crobles18


  104. hi..
    this is my email


  105. please send the pasword

  106. WOW~
    Finally, I’ve been thinking how can I have the password for the protected ones. Me and my sis love her! You won’t have a prob with me promise. This is actually my personal blog.

    Thanks in advance for the password!!!~

  107. Sent~~~

  108. Please read the rules again about change avatar…

    alison / Andy / eskimn / july / ben / romele / Chen / Trang_RiBang / aubreymisha / MJ / meychon / takichan / Hikki

    Ps. if your avatar didnt show.. sometime you hv to wait..
    For ppl who alr changed…
    We will send password on 26th deadline after we closed~

    Thank you =D

  109. hello ^^
    I really love Hyori..
    And I gave you my e-mail.. I hope you can send me the password ^^
    Thank you!


  110. yes It changes.
    Can you send me password

    My email is Miencotichcuatoi_125@yahoo.com

  111. hi! i don’t understand why but i can’t chance the avatar =\

    btw my mail is: franguzza@hotmail.com

  112. hi, i’ve changed. send me pls.


  113. Thank God I did miss it this time. Please add me.


  114. i registered and chang my avatar already ..
    please send me your password for visiting ur site
    my email : nuchiie@msn.com

    thx .. ^__^

  115. I don’t know if it’s ok >.<

    my mail:


  116. SENT~~

  117. ~~~~~~~~CLOSE!~~~~~~~~~~

    uta31, rodneylazarus , hellomeeshy , hyoriii , yati86 , Rei-chan , tl383 , Heavenly , Yaff


    Ps. For ppl who didn’t get the password… that’s mean you haven’t changed avatar yet… //we will wait til 30th Sept


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