[News] Hyori’s Smiling Eyes Effect

>> Hyori’s Smiling Effect <<

:: Sept 25, 2009 ::


Singer Lee Hyori shone at the MBC University Gayo Festival which took place on September 25th. She was spotted  wearing two gorgeous night dresses, revealing her unique charms and her sexy S Line.

Fashion Icon Lee Hyori showed once again her sense of fashion,displaying elegance,sexyness and confidence ,during the whole show.

She charmed Alex of Clazziquai and captivated the audience with her sense of humour and her smiling eyes, envied by all.

Translation: Yoojiin | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com






17 Responses

  1. Aw…i love her !!!

    wish i could kiss her ..

  2. I love her too….her smiling face and disappearing eyes is <<<33333 Totally gorgeous in both dresses.

  3. She really does have a bright smile. Makes me smile just by looking at her. 😀

  4. 😉 hmmm ~ the Hyolee effect is @ work again. *LOL* 😛

  5. Gorgeous! 😀

    Her eyes are so cute when she smiles xD

  6. her smile eyes are killin me.. 1st pic… DIED xP
    half moon eyes<3 so cute!!!

  7. when alex and hyori smile the world explodes alex and hyori looked like a couple hahaha

  8. @JIn your back? so fast, just talked with you a few days ago? no i meant sent you the message, hehe, thanks for the news jin

    yes it’s my hyori, her smile is just loved, dies* , love her so much.

  9. funny…i thot hyo looked best wid all those pretty boys….but she looks like a REAL couple wid alex,can imagine them actually getting married!!!…eye smile,melted me evrytime….

  10. Hyori is so pretty,and her smile makes me happy ^____^

    ash< yeah,since its week end i have a bit of free time so i enjoy hyosubs ❤

    sky<i agree,they look cute together!!! another ri couple? alri? XD

  11. @sky, Jin, yesssss they looked so cute together, i thought i was the only one who found they looked cute together, lol

  12. Ash< let's make this a new couple!! XD Alex is sexy and manly,he's the kind of guy she likes ^___^

  13. @jin
    i know, how about LexRi? or alRi? i love lexRi ma, hahahahha
    he is so sweet, romantic, manly, and…etc
    i love him with her too

  14. I’d love for Alex and Hyori to hook up! They look so good together and Alex always smiles when he sees her!

  15. Ash< yay!!! Lexri sounds great!!!! yeah,he is so charming *__*

  16. she’s gorgeous! =O
    i love her dresses and skin tonee lol

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