[News] Kim Jong Kook “I’m still awkward with Lee Hyori”

Kim Jong Kook & Lee Hyori


Kim Jong Kook’s latest interview about him working with Lee Hyori  in Family Outing…

김종국 “이효리와 함께 방송하지만 아직은 어색”
Kim Jong Kook, “Still awkward with Lee Hyori despite working together”

[티브이데일리 광명=이은지 기자] ‘2009 광명음악축제’의 무대에 오른 가수 김종국이 ‘패밀리’ 이효리와 아직은 어색하다고 밝혀 화제다.
[TV Daily Gwang Myung = Lee Eun Ji reporting] Kim Jong Kook has revealed that he is still awkward with Lee Hyori of FO, which became the hot topic of the conversation in 2009 Gwang Myung Music Festival.

25일 경기도 광명시 시민운동장에서 열린 ‘2009 광명음악축제’의 초대가수로 참석한 김종국은 MC 유상무의 “이효리씨와 방송에서 친해보이는데 어떠냐”는 질문에 “함께 방송을 하긴 하지만 아직은 어색하다”고 밝혔다
In ‘2009 Gwang Myung Music Festival’ held on 25th in Gwang Myung People’s Stadium, MC Yoo Sang Moo asked Kim Jong Kook ‘You look friendly with Lee Hyori on air, what do you think?’ and Kim Jong Kook answered to the question, “Although we work together on air, we are still awkward”

.Translation credits – jklove_07 @ KJK Thread

Source: http://www.tvdaily.co.kr/read.php3?aid=125387898921943002

9 Responses

  1. ahh akward couple .. kook-ri

  2. No way..they don’t seem awkward on FO. He’s just fronting…trying to hide the truth….i ain’t falling for it ;P


    aska, I was thinking the same thing. On FO they are so comfortable with each other….actually Jong Kook is more like Hyori puppy. LOL

  4. Awkward? :O But they seem really close on the show.

  5. KIM KOOK JONG.. you are like that because today your hyori is ‘sexy’ Lee Hyori.. no more F.O Rihyol right 😛


    Ya~~ Stop being so shy around her.. like daedae said act like you don’t care LOL.. or scared her too much.. and then you will close with our hyori… actually hyori can easily comfortable with but It’s you kookjong..

    this type of guy is abit hard for our hyori
    this type of sexy girl is abit hard for muscle (pet) man who is too shy

  6. hahaha i think it’s because of his character he is just shy around girl, anw this article is interesting, i thought they were already close,

  7. I think the awkwardness is only on his side cause he’s such a shy guy and who wouldnt’ be shy around hyori?! lol
    I’d still love to see them hook up cause they are so perfect for each other!

  8. i really think the awkwardness is cause they like one another haha

    they seem a lot closer now than they did at the start they couldn’t even speak to one another without giggling

  9. HAHA but on air they dont seem as awkward anymore ..
    i think its just kim kook jong because hyori seems kinda of comfortable with him noww<3

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