[News] Sex Appeal Icon Lee Rejects W2 Bil. Offer

Sex Appeal Icon Lee Rejects W2 Bil. Offer


Lee Hyo-ri, the 30-year-old sex icon, will be free from an exclusive contract with her current management agency, Mnet Media, from December, leaving both the broadcast and entertainment circles to pay special attention to her next agency-contract move.

However, Lee Hyori has decided to get reunited with Kil Jong-hwa, who was the manager of the defunct four female singer group Fin.K.L that Lee belonged to, online entertainment news Newsen.com said Friday.

Kil has recently set up a management agency to promote Lee’s activities. Their projected reunion has spread since last summer. But the two sides have not disclosed the plan as Lee has to release one more album under the contract with Mnet Media.

Lee Hyori is preparing her fourth solo album, whose release date has not yet been determined amid speculation that it will hit the market in October or November.

As a result, this will be the final album to be released under the management of Mnet Media. Currently, Lee appears in Family Outing, “the first division of Sunday Is Good,” the entertainment program of SBS TV.

It was reported that Lee had been offered some 2 billion won for the management contract from several entertainment agencies, but she rejected the offers and chose instead to be reunited with Kil.

C: mook@koreatimes.co.kr


13 Responses

  1. Hmmm…i’m a bit nervous on her leaving Mnet for this Gil company. They’re like a rookie company and she’s like the top star. I think she’s been quite successful under Mnet.

    Wow she reject 2billion Won from some company too? She probably got less from this new Gil company.

  2. hope she made a right choice

  3. She choose friendship over money $ $ ,Hyori’s love for the people she knows is amazing,not everybody would have done like her.
    I dont know,i hope she’ll be fine! ^______^

    • hey Jin agree, she chose friendship over money, and this is why i love her, and i think althought this company names Kil comp, but it’s actually her company?? cause she intervest in it, the manager is like her brother, and he does it for her, things like that, dont mention mnet has received millions of money the last 3 years, she made much money with her CFs, shows, MCing and things… but will almost all of the money her when she is under Kil?? who knows? plus hyori is the whole team, company behind her, she made this dicison with her close unnies, teams, …so dont worry guys, i just want to trust HYORI, HYORI GO

  4. i think she wanted to work with people that she felt comfortable around.
    since she is already a top star i dont think the money matter to her, nor do i think she would want the money anyways.
    i’m looking forward to see how this turns out.

  5. Why dont she form her own music label like HyoriLee.ltdMusic corp inc . ? Look at American stars trying to start their own music label ..like P diddies Shean John , etc !!
    Hyori you can do it !!!!

  6. What! Mnet isn’t even going to fight for her?

    @isletsss- I was thinking the same thing. Lee Hyori is a big enough super star to open up her own company. But maybe she just taking the safe route for now. Rain has his own company now but he is having a hard time. He owes a lot of money for those failed contract agreements, so maybe it’s the best thing that Lee Hyori shouldn’t go into her business right now. By her staying a entertainer for now and leaving the business side to someone she knows and dear to her while keeping her in the mix sounds perfect for her.

  7. I wish her all the Best in what ever road that she Choose. I also hope that this New Company that she is planning on joining know how to take care of her.

    Also if possible more Music and Shows for US the fans.

  8. @ Heavenly: I’m not too sure about how the entertainment industry works, but I’m pretty sure after a contract ends, the company, in this case Mnet, give their entertainers free will in deciding to stay or leave. But that’s my guess on why Mnet isn’t fighting for her.

    Whatever choice she makes, I’ll still support her. (:

  9. Aigoo.. She doesn’t care 2 billion won!! or how famous of the company………………super cool choree

    but i havnt heard GIL company before (= . =)
    SUPPORT her no matter what!<3

  10. i want my noona to be happy!!!..clearly,money isnt evrything for her now…she shud do wad she wants…like acting!.yay…if she took the 2bil won,she wil break her own record again..HIGHEST paid female singer!!!

  11. I agree with you Ash & B & Sky!
    Im sure she’ll be fine,she’ll be the one who takes decisions for her carrier,she’s stubborn and caring.May be Kil’s company is better for her,i dont know,cause big compagnies like Mnet only want her to make plenty of money,then she’s got the busiest schedule and all,now with Kil (if she chooses him) she can finally breathe a little and enjoy doing music and what she loves.

  12. i cant wait for her new album and come back stage! !!

    however, i wished she moved to YG :p

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