[PIC] Hyori – MBC University Gayo Festival 2009 #2 (27P)

MBC University Gayo Festival 2009

MC: Hyori & Alex



Hyori in pink…

6 Responses

  1. cant beliv no 1 commented yet…im first!!…hyori noona looks fabulous!!!,in blue or pink…her legs look toned n nice too….it seems every shot of her is PERFECT!!!keke,noona fighting:)

  2. OMG! She looks AMAZING!!!!!! I love it when she puts her hair up and her hot pink dress is to die for! Hyori rocks!

  3. oohh she looks amazing. yes i agree her legs look tone and nice now.

    Probably getting fit for her comeback in october : ) !!

  4. Goossssshh *0* Stunning, amazing, perfection <33333

    That pink dress,shoes,hair,lipstick,necklace,earrings,smile,eyes,makeup,teeth,gum…..everything…..just too beautiful. Wish I was there to see in person.

  5. aww haha she’s like running all over the stage :DD
    she’s so pretttyy! ijust wish i can see her in real life ..

  6. LOVE her Confident smile in evry picture !! 😀

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