[Video] Hyori – Making Film + Interview ISA KNOX CF (2V)

Making Film + Interview




Hyori says : “Alarm-cell hydra serum” ..haha funny xD kute

5 Responses

  1. In the making of the film I can see some charactistics that she portrays in F.O that playful and easy going personality.
    She definitely rocks !!

    off topic: but I read on k-pop that shes not staying with mnet media but to her old manager company or something, hopefully they treat her well !

  2. Ahhh so cutie. Love when she was stretching at the end of the making vid.

    @diinna…..yup yup we see the post at Allkpop about the Gil thing too….there’s another article on it, so we’ll see if our translator will translate it for us….if not then we’ll just post the Allkpop news here ^_^

  3. Hyori Unnie looks so princess!!!

    You guys also changed the banner uptop? Looking really really nice ^^

  4. i can see that she has fun filming this CF, haha the prince is so cute and the princess hyori is gorgeous, her dress looks like a wedding dress when she walks in, hahaha

  5. I read a news that Lee Chun Hee and Ye Jin will return to Family Outing
    I am so excited.

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