[VID/CAP] Hyori – Sunchang Sauce CF (15s) {Ver. 3}


So so so cuteeeeeee!! xD

haha.. the kid is so cute too.. LOL to the dance
the dance the we can see in FO but now even in the CF ^_^ keakkk

12 Responses

  1. awww its so cute.

  2. Hyori is adorable ~ 😉

  3. Both Hyori and the kid are so adorable!

  4. i can imagine hyo dancing around wid her own kids in the future….go hyo mama!!!…keke

  5. This is the cutest version ever!!! i love her dance wih the cute child!!!!!!!!! ♥____♥

    sky< hahaha!! XD i'd love to see that!

  6. haha… that was cute

  7. HAHAHA that was adorable.

  8. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE XD~ Unnie is so cute! The lil boy was adorable too.

  9. they are both so adorable!! Hyori is going to be a sweet mom!

  10. The little kid is so adorable aggghh so is Hyori ^_^

  11. hahahah awww they’re both so cutee!<3

  12. it will be cool, if there is video HQ too, about this version…the download link…hheheee…so cute..

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