[Video] Hyori – University Gayo Festival 2009 (5V)

MC: Hyori & Alex








Student rap to hyori (CUT)

5 Responses

  1. Unnie looks like she has lost weight, she was perfect before and just glows more beauty everytime I see her =D.

  2. OMG she was so cute like dancing while that guy was rapping. haha.

  3. What happen to her arms ?
    they look kinda fat . She looks good ,but maybe she works out on her arms lil too much !!
    Too much food or lifting weights is not good for girls arms ..

  4. hahaha XD Hyori tried to dance with the guy =),so cute!

  5. Hyori looks amazingly HOT! My fangirl crush is just getting bigger and bigger every time I see her! lol

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