[CAP/GIF] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.65 + Preview (7P/28G)

– CAP & GIF –

Family Outing Ep.65

(Sept 27, 2009)

This kid too happy always fall…


Haeri ^_^

The Nation Siblings: Oww!! Strong Baby!! maknae~~


.HJ is too cute.. kyaa ahhh!!! xD


.JS ~ LOL!!!!!!!!!!!




.Sista~ ShiHyol >< cute..

Our Hyol sleep like a baby.. no more sexy diva😛

~ Hyori with her pigtails ~


Step on my muscle pet, kookie



Still Crack Crack Crack!!

Strong Baby: Nuna.. pls stop it …


.whateva i do..  I’m always cute..

SR: Wake up!

HR: What the!! ..ahh Sooro Oppa~~ hehe



No Comment .. just see the GIF .. LOL


.I just fell off my chair with Angie

Shi Yeon! .. YOU WIN!

SY: I’m tired… why i hv to do this T_T


.Still lovely… or not?😛 hahaa



.SY: HAHA WTH! you look so funny

HR: Pls watch yourself! xD



Omg! her noseee!! hahahaaaaa…



Everyone was like  (…) (…) (…)



.Blue Rain… Dance ^^





.Hyun Joong ~ To My Boyfriend (Fin.K.L)


MF | MF & MU


Watch Online (Youtube) : (Part 1/8) , …



Next Week’s Preview (Ep.66)



4 Responses

  1. Hyori takes the limelight this eps on F.O. Ha ha ha hahahaah ~~~ i laughed till i almost got a tummy ache. esp Shi yeon & hyori with their “face wrap” ?😀 haahaa ~ C’mon ! They tried hard on tt one. *Claps* Good effort !! And btw, hyori looks cute too even she has a bloated face/ without make-up in the morning.🙂 Despite a looooooooooooong post i enjoyed it alot !!! Thnks.😉 Hyori is soooo adorable toooooooooo. i love her ~

  2. LOL at the first picture xD Jaesuk’s version of Yoda: Yooda. LOL.

    Thanks for the entertaining pics and videos ^_^

  3. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i love all of this!! taking all!!!!!!! HJ & Seungri are so cute in this episode!! Hyori & Shi Yeon,sisters power!!!!LMAO at them when the morning game! omg look at them!!!😄

    The star wars picture cracks me up!!! 😄

    Thanks a lot B for the pix spams,i loved it! ♥__♥

  4. aaaaaaaaah!!! Jang Hyuk & Tae Hyun are back,and together!!!!!!gonna be great! They did the Abracadabra dance! *___* im excited for this one too!

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