[HR’ Zoom] GUESS Jeans RED & Sunchang Sauce (7P)

I want to steal one ~_~

C: habin/hyolee79


12 Responses

  1. whoa the guess ad in korea is so different than it is in canada. Usually we only have big posters of celebrities plaster on the logo not actually card board cut out . That is awesome.

  2. i want one too!!! !_________!

    thanks for posting B! *___*

  3. whaaaa!!!!it would be nice if Guess here in philippines put her cardboard poster in store.

  4. Wonder if she’s still advertising for choreum choreum

  5. That is so awesome :O I want one of those life-sized cardboard Hyori cut-outs 😀

  6. Ooohh I want a full size cardboard of Hyori for my room!

    I was just at the Korean market this afternoon, I was checking out her Sunchang sauce, but it didn’t have her pic on it like this one..only a cartoon astronaut..boo.

    I still her Chum Churum soju everywhere…but i get after a while..it’ll all Uee’s face…more boooo.

  7. i would hav sneaked dat cardboard home. lol

  8. hahaha if i saw one, i woulda stole it :D<3

  9. I wonder if the cardboard Hyori is actual size. HAHAHAHAH

  10. the cardboard size is huge..love it
    She looks stunning

  11. Oh Hyori my sexy momma !!!
    I Love YOU ..I want to steal one too ..

  12. that is so cool! lol i wanna grab it and run home with it =P

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