[News] Hyori’s Fourth Album to be “Gift of Variety”

>> Hyori’s Fourth Album: “Gift of Variety” <<

:: Sept 28, 2009 ::


Lee Hyori’s fourth album will be a “Gift of Variety.”

For her fourth album, which is dropping in October, Hyori has been recording songs coming from more than one composer and plans to make this one as varied as possible.

A representative from Mnet Media, Hyori’s management company, said, “Hyori wanted to make an album that is as colorful as possible so she didn’t rely on one composer. Each of her songs in the album has a different composer.”

Hyori has already gathered enough songs to make a whole album; she is only making small final changes to amplify her album’s freshest image.

The representative also said, “Not only experienced but new composers are sending her songs for her fourth album.”

Last year, with her third album’s “U-Go-Girl,” Hyori lives up to her reputation as the nation’s diva. With her prior accomplishments, Hyori wants to gather songs exemplifying her standards and status in the music industry. “We want to find more songs that is a little different from Hyori’s usual style. Listeners should expect a new trend.”

In other news, Hyori’s contract with Mnet Media expires in November, so her album will most likely drop before then.

However, Hyori also expressed, “Even though we plan on releasing the album before November, I don’t want to release it if it doesn’t hold up to my own standards in quality” and “until the album is out, please wait patiently.”

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16 Responses

  1. Whoa, diff composer each song? Unnie good luck! Look foreword to her powerful stage performance!!!!!

    (hopefully she will be well rested too! Health is important!)

  2. oh my, i am so excited to hear this album when it comes out!!! I can’t wait, it’ll be an early xmas treat! 🙂

  3. good luck hyori onnie.. FIGHTING!! \(^o^)/

  4. anyone remember Lee Chun Hee in Family outing
    This is his new movie
    090926 그대 웃어요 1회 1
    I love same age couple in Family outing

  5. this is definitely good news! i dont mind if she decides to wait,i want the best album from her and im sure it is,if she needs more time its okay then ^____^

  6. Awesome! I can’t wait for the album to drop.

  7. Its the Princess Lee Hyori & POW! this chameleon does have a gift of variety. I like the concept. Best wishes there for another successful comeback. And im sure everyone of us wld wait patiently for the vry best of her. 🙂 im anticipating how the fresh image & the new trend wld turn out? Crossover of genres, perhaps !! tt wld be smthing cool to look foward too ~~
    Work it ! Hit it ! Rock it ! Hyori ! ! ! Loving ya ~~ XOXO 😉
    Hope she stays healthy & strong too. 😀 *claps*

  8. I can’t wait for the next album. It’s gonna be AWESOME.

  9. it nice thats it has alot of diff genres in the album..cant wait…luckily its nt ‘variety’ type of songs..like variety show…haha

    • haha, i think her ‘variety singing and dancing’ is cute but yeah maybe it won’t fit her album image ^_^;

    • Actually I would love to see her release a seperate FO type variety album….she can sing all Kpop top songs like she does on FO….in the super dorky cute style 😀

  10. Good to hear that the New Album is on its way to us.

    I just hope they dont Delay it and that it comes out in Oct as the News say..

  11. Hope this gets release Oct-Nov!
    All these little new details getting me so excited. A little bit of everything and something new..sound very interesting.

  12. support u Hyori 100%…
    figthing Hyori….

  13. […] forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com […]

  14. […] Translation: forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com […]

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