[News] Kim Hyun Joong “I Was Embarrassed By Noona”

>> KHJ Embarrassed By Hyori’s Sexy Dance <<

:: Sept 27, 2009 ::

joongri fo

There are definitely lots of juicy  and funny stories between Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Hyori.

On tonight’s broadcast of Family Outing,Kim Hyun Joong revealed a new side of popstar Lee Hyori.

He said “When Hyori noona took me to a club in the US, it was my very first time to go to a place like this. But it was also the first time i’ve been embarrassed by Hyori noona,watching her dancing was even more embarrassing.”

Hyori: “Are you sure you still remember it? i remember that day very clearly “ Then she asked him to show her sexy dance and he did..

Hyori : “Noona must have been really excited”  ^___^'”

In the same episode, Seungri talked about the hard trainee days, when he wanted to be part of Big Bang. He had to convince Yang Hyun Suk of his abilities, but the president of YG Entertainement didn’t have faith in him at first.

He said “President Yang,i want to be part of Big Bang, i’m confident i can do it.”

Yang Hyun Suk “If you’re on stage one day with Big Bang, you won’t be the one holding the mic”

//Go watch this episode,definitely a must see for SS501 & Big Bang’s fans!

Translation: Yoojiin | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

18 Responses

  1. hehe! Hyori and her fan boy are so funny together! =))
    but I don’t get what YG mean? – “If you’re on stage one day with Big Bang, you won’t be the one holding the mic”

  2. I hope hyori and SS501 get to perform special stage on this year awards festival
    because both will come with new album

  3. Hahaha, can’t wait until I get to watch this ep subbed xD

  4. Oh man ..thats why i inlove with sexy Hyori !!
    to sexy for me…lol !!

  5. Thanks B for adding the sexy dance gif! ^_____^♥

    i think YG meant what Staback said,or may be that he wont be a singer but only a back dancer,because at that time according to what Seungri reported,YG didnt believe in him because he “lacked charisma” .. He proved him wrong with “Strong Baby”,he’s amazing!

  6. aww lol thats cute [=

  7. its a good thing YG kept seungri 😀
    cause we know he sure is sexyy<3

  8. HAHAH Hyori took Hyun Joong to club here in the States. Was that the dance he did? LOL

  9. If you want know how Big bang born watch Big bang document in you tube ( has engsub)

  10. this is the link if anyone love BB watch it

  11. Hehe thanks Yoojin 😀 for the translations…i wanted to know so much of what they were saying, but was clueless.

    Must’ve been when they were in L.A. for Hollywood bowl maybe? It’ll be crazy cool if one of their fans recognize them chilling in the clubs.

    Thx. July for the BB link….i haven’t see this one 😀

  12. aska< i think so,B said the same about this,i wonder where else they went XD

  13. ye.. i think its Hollywood Bowl too…
    I want to see hyori’s sexy dance in a club xD

    Thanks angie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333

  14. hyori lee and ai cherie kind of look alike? love this!

  15. Nice blog, got you bookmarked!

  16. hi
    i’m maee(maede),i’m iranian
    i love hyun joong
    i like hyori too
    but not as much as hyun joong
    hyori isn’t good for hyun!

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