[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s Dangerously In Love With Hyori

>> Hyun Joong showed his love for Hyori <<

:: Sept 27, 2009 ::


Kim Hyun Joong showed his love for sexy diva Lee Hyori.

On the 27th broadcast of the SBS Good Sunday’s variety show, Family Outing, SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong and Big Bang’s member Seungri sang their version of Fin.K.L’s hit song,“To My Boyfriend”, making their noona happy.

Lee Hyori was especially glad to see Hyun Joong’s version of the song once again, he did perform it once during a concert.

She complimented him by saying “You did it beautifully.”



The three of them were out for breakfast’s preparation.

After performing FinK.L’s hit song, Kim Hyun Joong revealed his mad love for Lee Hyori. He said “When bakeries started to sell Fin.K.L’s bread, i bought a lot and i was going crazy because i couldn’t find Hyori’s bread!” Then Hyori said “If you loved noona that much why didn’t you tell me?”

He answered in a shaking voice: “Before i wasn’t an idol, now it’s different since i’m a celebrity.”

You can watch more of this here (@ 3:38)

//What about you? Would you like to eat Hyori’s face every morning?

.Sassy Hyori also asked Hyun Joong about the hot kiss she shared with T.O.P at the

MKMF 2008 last year.

You could see Hyun Joong fanboy’s side through his reaction…


Hyori: “Did you watch the MKMF?”

Hyun Joong: “Yeah,yeah i watched it…”

Hyori: “Should i kiss you too?”

Hyun Joong: “huh,what?..I hated watching” 0___0

Hyori: “How did you feel inside?”

Hyun Joong: “I was about to throw the remote control in the tv!!!” >__<

Hyori: “hehehe” XD




Translation: Yoojiin | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

18 Responses

  1. aww hyunjoong and hyori are sooo cute! (=

  2. jin youre back again, i love these news of you, haha
    btw why why, when youre back and i’m busy, i have exmans this week,OH NO, hate it, this is going to kill me, my dad is going to kill me too, arrrrr, off now, will be back after a few days

  3. *LOL* oh really ? FinkL bread?? 😀 heheheh~~~ naw ~ don’t eat hyori’s face. *giggles* 😛 and as we all knw, hyori has lots of admirers tooo, jus like us fans. 😉

  4. I love you yoojin….hehe4x
    bcoz you give translation for their best moments and comment for each gifs

  5. Bahaha he’s so cute xD They look really good together but 😀

    “I was about to throw the remote control in the tv!!!” >__<

  6. haha…as ss501 n hyori fans, i only know that Kyujong was the one who always seemed to show his deepest ❤ to his noona, yet, when i watched this, i can tell that Hyunjoong is also the same 😀 thx 4 sharing..

  7. She’s so soft and lovely !!!

  8. it would be fun to have a pictures of FINKL’s breads,but i couldn’t find any !___!

    Ash< thank you sweetie ^____^ just do your best,we can chat later when you have more free time!

    you're welcome everyone ❤

  9. Thanks B for adding the funny and amazing gifs ^___^

  10. awww haha they’re so cute!

  11. Hahaha I wish they had Hyori’s bread…I won’t eat it though…just want to display it forever 😀

    Lol so funny HJ wanted to throw the remote at the TV…can’t believe he said…he’s cool.

  12. hyunjoong so cute
    really love her

  13. Hyun joong sure still love his nuna =D fan boy crush
    and about jealous TOP KISS HYOL LOL!!!

    our w. feel like heaven now.. ya fanboy also cant watch this 😛 like fangirls cried because of T.O.P

    im really love nuna dongseng relationship

    Daeri first.. now you are my second nuna dongseng love for me kekekeeeeee JoongRi
    Ps. but Top.. no more nuna dongseng 😛 since they kissed lol and hyol dont see top is a dongseng.. oahh.. hyobang mode again.. go nowww ……………..phewww

  14. ha ha ha, hyun joong surely one cute fanboy.He really love and care so much about Hyori.It’s so funny when he said he felt like wanna throw the TV remote.Furthermore, TOP is his bestfriend and are said to be very alike.No wonder TOP got that cheeky smile after the kiss.

  15. Haha it was a scenario made by the company! It was like 1sec kissing. So well…Jealousy is cute but here it’s not necessary. Hyori must be happy w/ all these guys just for her xD Love her anyway

  16. I am seriously in love with Joongri now! He’s so cute with his undying love for his nuna!

  17. awww…. she’s so gorgeous. :]
    and Hyun Joong is sooo cute!


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