[Eng Trans] Message from mother of Ah Yoon-Ee about Hyori

It is a message from the mother of the little boy from Hyori’s latest Sunchang Sauce commercial which she posted at the popular portal site in Korea, daum.com in the main forums of what kind of person Hyori was during their shooting of the CF with her child. Here she excitedly posted:

The Mother of the New Hyori Sunchang Sauce CF Posting Here After Shooting!!!!!

Hello, I am the mother of Ah Yoon-ee, the child who got the opportunity to shoot a new CF with Lee Hyori~ I want to post that although Hyori obviously has a pretty face, that I’ve just gotten proof that she also has such a sweet heart~ She was so caring and doted my child and even though my child made countless NGs, she never once complained or ever gave off a single sign of a strained expression on her face. And even though my son chirped on and on constantly with so many things to say to her, she was never annoyed and fully and sincerely always answered everything he asked and said to her. And after both worked so hard under the hot lights in the shooting set, every time the producer gave them an OK sign for a scene, I was totally taken away when even before taking care of herself, she would always immediately take off my son’s costume hat and take care of him being hot first. She even willingly waited in the waiting room for two and a half hours until he woke up again when my son fell asleep.

I’ve always been a fan of her and even though she has such an amazing image and presence in the television screen, after seeing for myself how even more real she is and what a soft heart she has backstage and behind the scenes, I’ve become a serious fanatic after we shot this CF with her~ ^^

Without a wonder, she definitely has all the reason to have her 11 years of fans and success!! She is such an incredible person TT TT

이효리와 cf찍은 아이 어머니의 순창고추장 촬영 후기 !!!!!!!!!

효 리씨와 같이 CF찍은 아윤이 엄마에요~ 효리씨가 얼굴도 물론 예쁘지만 그보다 훨씬 더 착한 맘씨를 가지셨는지 확실히 느끼고 왔어요~ 아이도 많이 예뻐해주시고 아이가 촬영하는 동안 수많은 NG를 냈는데 짜증한번 안내시고 인상한번 쓰지 않으시더라구요. 쫑알쫑알 말많은 울아들램 하는말에 귀찮아 하지도 않고 대답다 해주시고 뜨거운 조명 아래서 촬영하는 아이 더울까봐 OK싸인 떨어지면 본인 챙기기보다 아이 모자 부터 얼른 손수 벗겨주는 자상함에 반해버렸어요..아이가 촬영중 잠이들어 자는 동안 두시간 동안이나 대기실에서 기다려 주시기 까지.. 방송에서 보여지는 이미지도 좋지만 무엇보다 무대뒤에서 가식없고 맘씨고운 효리씨를보고 원래부터 효리씨 팬이었지만 이번 광고 찍으면서 저도 효리씨의 왕팬이 되어버리고 말았답니다~ ^^

역시 11년째 팬질할만한 가치가 있는사람!!ㅎㅎ 멋진사람이에요ㅠㅠ

Credits: hyoleeworld, daum || Translations: scribbles*@soompi.com

Source: http://bbs1.tv.media.daum.net/gaia/do/talk…rticleId=340881

// Thanks susie :’)


16 Responses

  1. Awwwww, that’s adorable! Hyori will definitely make a great mother 🙂

  2. hyori noona will make a great hyo mama fo sho~~~….wow…even the kids mom praised her so much…nw i wish i cud see it for myself…

    • hahaha i have to laugh cause of your comment”the kid’s mom praised her too much” haha that is what i love to read, LOL
      she sounds like a hardcore fan? someone who was impressed by hyori right
      yea hyori will be a great mom someday, i want danri to marry so i can see the kids soon, hahahahahha

  3. awwww hyori has a great heart. she def will be a great mother! [=

  4. haha i agree , she definitely will make a great mother one day !

  5. of course our girl’s a true sweetheart???

    although i find it so odd that they portrayed her as a mommy. i mean, she is one hot mama, but she’s not old enough to be a mommy yet!!! XD

  6. that’s so sweet….. =DDDDD
    our hyori is always so nice to others… ^^

  7. aww our hyori is such a sweetie. she’s definitely got motherly qualities. love her more everyday ❤

  8. noona always make me proud… i really wanna see her in person…
    people love her not only because of her looks, her personality is totally amazed me…

  9. awwww ~~~ it warms my heart knwing abt this. Evryone shld thnk the mother for sharing with us netizens. 🙂 i always believe Lee Hyori is beautiful inside-out. 0:-) Lovin’ u even more~ XOXO

  10. I think all family outing members think her as a mom not a star at the filming set….
    Good to know she has a new hardcore fan..hehe4x

  11. awww <3333
    our queen's a real sweetheart!

    this is why she's the best, on AND off stage! <33333

  12. i want mommie like this too!! hyol mum…

  13. Aww, i’m so happy she posted that because it just keeps confirming how wonderful Hyori is!

  14. i love her

  15. I always knew unnie was a sweet and kind person! This makes me love her even more! Hyori is the whole package!

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