[Hyori’s wings] :: September 30th 2009 (#3)

  • ISA KNOX Alarm-cell Ads
  • GUCCI Elle Korea
  • Wedding event with ?

“ISA KNOX Alarm Cell




“GUCCI Event in Elle KR”

Sista ShiHyol ^^




“Wedding Event”

Family went together

Hyori + Daedae + Kookie + Shi Yeon + Sooro… who else?


10 Responses

  1. she’s so pretty in these pictures 😀

  2. ^^ wonderful photos of Unnie.

  3. the guy who’s turned around towards Dae & Hyori looks like FO’s PD

  4. ahh dae-ri 🙂

  5. hehehe dae & hyori still alway alongside each other ❤
    pretty unnie ❤

  6. i see daesung, kim jong kook and soro too

  7. if there was hae jin, he must stand alongside hyori likes dae

  8. wonder whose wedding isit…and daeRI must b bside each other lols…keke..she looks awesome!

  9. Thanks again for all those Eng Info..

    I see the pics before but have no Idea what they r saying,,

    Great Pics..Thanks

  10. Miss.. daedae xD his face.. seem fine now
    he looked happy there…

    LOL ye Daedae’s still alongside hyori even off the camera (FO) 😛

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