[Video] Hyori – Korea’s Sexiest Star {News}


In Korea.. I think Lee Hyori is very sexy xD


9 Responses

  1. who’s she? i heard something like uhm jung hwa?

  2. engsub please

  3. haha yes she is definitely a sexy star !

  4. Hyori will always be the sexiest of them all 😀

  5. Who’s the lady at the beginning of the video? Anyway, she’s absolutely right to say that Lee Hyori is very sexy. Have yet to see any star in Korea that can even come close to her…..

  6. hyori is one of the sexiest woman on earth.
    i think the lady at the beginning is a model???

  7. i guess tt lady in the beginning is Jessica Gomez (who’s said to be the nxt sexy kitten out there competing for the HOT body). Well ~ hyolee certainly has the x-factor to be considered a SUPERSTAR now. she’s born with it. Lovin’ Hyori always even if she tones down her sexiness. 😉 XOXOXO

  8. It’s like when you mention about Korea’s No.1 sexy icon…It’s definitely Hyori! xD

  9. Yep! You type in sexy and Korea and you get Hyori!
    I love that she’s such a goofball too!

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