[Gossip Star] Daesung is back!

Oh yay… Daedae is back!! He still looks the same ^_^ happy …

Miss him .. with W. and family =D


13 Responses

  1. yeah

  2. that’s Kung Jyon Pyo !! xD

  3. :)) he seems handsomer
    love him ❤

  4. yeahhh ! i love him ❤

    hehe he looks handsomer cause he got his rest 😛
    top’s hair looks mad awesome!

  6. DaeSung ah~~!!!! <333
    Hope he will be fully recovered! no more pain! xD
    and TOP!! gosh he's HOTTT! <333

  7. happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone
    I hope big bang and hyori doing the dragon dance together
    That will be awesome

  8. i was so nervous to see him again. i was checking to see for any scars. he’s not going to be performing with bb and 2ne1. sad but its okay.

  9. Ahh good to see Dae again…was checking for scars too..but didn’t see any. Hope he’s fully recover.

  10. he’s already in FO with ha ji won ^^

  11. owh.. this is a good news for me.. yeay~

    hoping that he’s 100% recover. 🙂

  12. Good news for hyori. Dae Sung will be reuniting with FAMILY. 😀 *whistles*

  13. YAY, Dumber’s back ^_^ I’ve missed him 😛

    Daesung back = more stupid and funny jokes 😀

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