[News] Hyori Associated with Roses

>> Voters Associate Hyori with Roses <<

:: Oct 01, 2009 ::

Which celebrity do people associate roses with? Of course, it’s sexy icon Lee Hyori!

An online flower shop “flower365” surveyed 1000 people from September 21 to 29, asking them which celebrity they associate roses with. Hyori topped the survey with a landslide, 70% of the votes.

A staff member from flower365 expressed that “Roses mean passion, joy, beauty, respect, appeal, happiness and infinite love,” and “Fans thought that Hyori’s multiple appeals exemplify the roses’ specialty.”

Translation by forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


11 Responses

  1. haha i remember when jongkook associated her with a rose.

  2. me too….just like what her “pet” said

  3. that pic !!! speechless ….

  4. Haha! When I read this article, the first thing that came to my mind was that this is exactly what KJK said to her in one of the FO episodes….. yay for Kookri~

  5. hyori has the whole package, she is pretty, down to earth, funny, sweet, kind hearted….
    just like the rose, she is too beautiful
    btw rose is my fav flower too, haha

  6. Roses…Roses…Roses…WOW ! Seriously, an interesting survey done there. i guess there’ll be a surge in sales of roses now @ flower stores. 🙂 heeheh. Maybe a promotional “Hyolee rose” ? 😉

  7. haha that’s just what kim kook jong said :D<3

  8. Dang that pic with her rose in lips..too hot.
    Hyori is totally a Rose! No doubt!
    Better a rose then a lily keke ;p

  9. reminds me when KJK called her a rose and park yejin a lily XD

  10. WOW! That pic is super hot!

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