[CAP/Cuts] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.66 + Preview (6P,5V)

– CAP & Cuts –

Family Outing Ep.66

(Oct 4, 2009)

Hyori rope gliding weeeeeeeee

Teaching Jang Hyuk the Abracadabra hip sway ;P

La la la la la Hey Mister ^_^

vids cred: ms kalowafu

Be brave Hyori…you can do it

Looks like Kara’s Mister suspender pants





Next Week’s Preview (Ep.67)


12 Responses

  1. Great cuts..that was hilarious !!

  2. thanks

  3. YeeeeaaaaaaaaAH ~ Good to knw she’s having alot of fun in the outdoors @ the obstacle courses. heheh. Always happy to see the sporting and spontaneous Hyori as well. 🙂 XOXOXO

  4. u guys look @ the ripped muscle in her forearm…it’s like uh-maz-ing…i think the reason she has an abnormal weigh for her small body is becuz of those MUSCLES.S..S…SS…S..S. LMFAO she’s so adorable tho…:)

  5. @adorethequeen: Ooh ~ no surprise abt this. i LOVE everything abt hyori, and tt includes her MUSCLESSSSS 😀 heeheh !! Amazing hyori shines frm her personality ~~ 😉

  6. Hyori is so adorable !!!
    i just wanna hug her and kiss …
    she is like cute pussy cat ..LoL !!

  7. we as fans love her no matter what…if only i live in korea..man tht b more uh-maz-ing..kinda jealous of the korean fans..they get to c n really support the queen….

    @ isletsss 🙂 i’ll go bi mayb even lesbo if she kiss me…..even megan fox won’t transform me :)))))))) bahahah

    ^ im’ super bored @ school lmfao!!!!!

  8. hahaha she is so cute<3
    i wanna try it now too! [=

  9. @ adorethequeen
    i know i am jealous of korean fans, jealous, jealous
    if i could live in korea, omg i think i would be hyori’s stalker, i will follow her whenever she goes to film FO, and i will go to her fanmeeting, concerts, performing,,,etc to see her, gosh now thinking of that it makes me want to move to korea

  10. I shld steal money fro my family since they probabaly hve pplenty o share wit me 🙂 bahahahah n I’ll buy a house in Korea and ur more than welcome to come n live wit me so then we can stalk het together sounds good huh?lol oh lord my dram is SO realistic

  11. lol is it your dream or your plan?
    if you have a plan, just call me when you re in korea, lol
    i’m too crazy about her now
    or… you dont need to buy a house there, i think we just have to take a few weeks or months off then go to korea and stalker her, lol

  12. Let’s c I think both….I dnt need tht a lot if money?…tht means I wnt he to hve a fling wit my dads banker so he can open dads money cave..lmfao!!!! Kiddin really i am ..

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