[Video] Hyori – “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up…” Full MV

“The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave”

Leessang MV from their Hexagonal album

(Oct 5, 2009)

11 Responses

  1. finally the full version is out
    the song is so good, the story line is interesting, hyori’s acting is good, everything is good, haha
    but i expected a lot of new scenes which i havent seen from the teaser.
    i think i still prefer ”fading star” as one of my fav MV of Hyori,

  2. this is really good, i love the storyline. hyori looks gorgeous as always, i can’t imagine a guy getting tired of her in real life though. lol! she’s way out of his league, hahaha.

  3. The MV is really good 🙂 Hyori is just simply amazing, like always.

    Off topic but, I want one of those masks 😀

  4. Yep!! Finally the full mv is out. Really nice song. I love the plot and our dear Hyori did a great job in acting out her emotions. 😀 *claps* YAYYYY ~~ Not bad ~ But still i believe there’s room for improvement. Keep the passion going, Keep Workin’ it. Aja ! Aja ! AJA !!! 😉

  5. the mv is creative..i like it!!…needless to say,hyo is hyo-licious….so isit a sad ending to the mv?…cos its nt clear…keke…

  6. jus sayin but …i think i would flipped out but in a good way…if she has a boyfriend..i mean i’ll b extremely happy tht somebody is takin care of her and loves her,…still i’ll b somewat sad 🙂 to

  7. Nice MV. Really creative and has an interesting story line.
    I was hoping for more Hyori scenes but it’s ok, she was stunning. ^^

  8. awww hyori was stunningly gorgeous [=
    her acting is really good 😀

  9. The song is great.

    The video is great I’ve watched it about 5 times already. HEHEHE

    Hyori looks great and Ryu Seung Beom looks mad hot. They really do make a good couple.

  10. hey 😀 hyori was great bak there 😀 Jy on acting singapore Support 😀

    May i know was the MV song =x

  11. Okay, Im kinda confused of whats the story is all about. Is it about them falling in love and falling out of love. they keep trying to make it work every time the relationship fails? both can’t seem to let go of the relationship even though it clear that there’s no more love?

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