[News] Hyori’s Charity Auction Becomes Hot Topic (24P)

>> Hyori Auctions Stage Outfits for Charity <<

:: Oct 8,2009 ::

Lee Hyori provided many stage outfits and auctioned them in her fan’s cafe, which caused a whirlwind of activity. Hyori’s auction consists of 20 outfits from “10 Minutes,” “Get Ya,” “U-Go-Girl,” and “Hey Mr. Big.” All were worn by Hyori herself. The ensembles include jackets, t-shirts, pajamas, etc.

An outfit that captured fans’ attention was the unconventional training outfit for the Anymotion MV.

When Hyori was interviewed, she said, “I received this gift previously, but because it was unconventional, I never wore it. Once I wore it in the MV, it became a hot topic.”

Other than stage outfits, the auction includes clothes worn in CFs and formal wear, all attracting attention from fans about Hyori’s great sense of style. Even though she only wore these outfits once, many are exclaiming that they are “must-haves.”

Hyori’s auction will take place October 11, at 10PM KST, in her Fan Cafe, “Hyolee Together.” All proceeds will go to those in need.

Translation: forgotten620 l http://www.hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

**Auction Gallery**

**Updated Oct. 10**

credit: hyolee79


15 Responses

  1. I love 10 mins outfit….

  2. Hyori wore that green jacket in FO where yoona(SNSD) as a guest…

  3. I really love the 10 mins outfits too…and the pink U-Go-Girl pink track suit. Oh and the Anymotion Adidas shirt too! Oh ya and the pink UGG overalls are too cute too!

    Dang her face and hair looks a bit like Jennifer Lopez in that one pic.

    If only I could get my hands on one of these. I can dress up as Hyori for Halloween in a couple weeks 😀 I wonder if anyone would recognize the outfits here.

    All proceeds for charity too…u go girl <333333

  4. I see big digits coming up in the auction. Haha.

  5. […] here to read the rest:  [News] Hyori's Charity Auction Becomes Hot Topic « :: HyoleeSubs :: This entry is filed under Auction. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 […]

  6. NINJA them all

  7. dayum…i would wanna buy them lol..even if im a guy…jz to display in my room would be a BIG honor!!!

  8. its heartwarming to knw this & encouraging as well for all out there to do some charity too. *claps* U Go girl, Great job. 😉 Love ya hyolee. Personally i like the last one, the checkered long sleeve coat. Tt’s a really COOL outfit with the skulls on. muahahha ~~ Purrrfect for halloweeeen ~ *giggles* Oh yes ! She definitely rOX wearing it too ! XO XO XO

  9. is there any way international fans can be involve in this auction? cause i been looking for that adidas top that she wore in Anymotion and i coudn’t find it anywhere i really want one!hahaha!

  10. can it be possible if they just put it in the museum.lol.for everyone to see.love them all.

  11. I LOVE the skull one… LOL Too bad the prices are gonna be sky rocketing. XDD

  12. GO Hyori, wow this is so great
    those outfits look only good on her man
    Hyori is not pretty but she also has the heart

  13. Wow she is giving away a lot of precious outfits. 10 minutes, UGG, come back stage…

    I can’t believe she still has her 10 minutes outfits! It’s from so long ago… That’s why her closet is so packed and messy haha

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