[PIC] ALL Outfits for Charity Auction(5P)

Credit: hyolee79

15 Responses

  1. thats…alot

  2. Wow, its like she’s cleaning out her closet!

  3. she should open up a clothing store!

  4. how can i buy it? anyone knows?

    • its a charity not to sell..

      • Actually this is an auction…just proceeds go to charity. I’m gonna add the word “auction” to the title of this post…okie Bie 😛

        You would need a Korean ID to access that site though. Once there, they have like an online form where you put in your bid for an item. So I think think us international fans don’t have access to any of this : (

  5. OMG…i spotted alot o special outfits…LIKE the blue long jacket she wore for kjk 1st epi…and the balck top she wore in BIGBANG change ep!!!

  6. what kind of charity is that

  7. Dang that would be some collection to have…it’s like her entire career on stage/screen there in those pics.

    Wow they even have clothes that Bommie wore in Anystar and one from her back up dancer.

  8. That’s certainly a lot of clothes. Some of them are a few years old and she still have them. The closet in her house must be huge to store all these clothes…

  9. Yep ~ Ladies n’ Gentleman, Boys n’ Girls, we all knw Hyolee has a beautiful heart, mind and soul !! 😀 Let’s keep supporting her ~~~~~ XOXO

  10. that blue vest is soooooo pretty!

  11. i want one of them am poor i dont have anything to wear she most give me some …….hheehheheheh

  12. oooh ~ i want her jerseys tooo ~~ 😀

  13. I’d love to own anything of Hyori unnie’s!

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