[Video] Family Outing ep 67- Hyori’s cuts

  • Wake Hyori Up
  • Hyori’s Morning Game 1/2
  • Hyori’s Morning Game 2/2
  • Preview ep 68

*Wake Hyori Up*

*Hyori’s Morning Game 1/2*

*Hyori’s Morning Game 2/2*

~~~~Next Week~~~~~

Battle of the Queens


Thanks to calol,aska

10 Responses

  1. aww haha this is cute!
    i cant wait for episode 68!

  2. not so much of Hyori on yesterday’s episode….
    but next week’s episode, hajiwon vs hyolee…
    its gonna be a bomb… hahaha.

  3. i wonder what happen if hyori absence for 1 ep
    they will miss her and realize how important she is
    hyori nuna fighting

    • highly doubt she will lol..like they will readjust filming schedule just to fit hers.. like the other time when she went to china

    • I know right, remember last dec when she was sick and hospitalized, they even made janghyuk’s eps to 3 eps, and waited for her to get better, also the time when she went to china, and remembered in Son dam bi’s ep, she wasnt there just the beginning and everyone was like: where is hyori????? lol

  4. thx ash for posting…cant wait for hjw vs my hyori tooo…keke…hyoris getting prettier each time she wakes up lol…

  5. Our dear sleeping beauty wakes up and she passes the morning games. no need to preapre breakfast. she gets more beauty sleep. Yeaaahh ~~

    😀 heeheh ~~ *claps*

    “Battle of the Queens?” …hmmm… Victory to Hyolee here !! she kicks some ass. Oh YEAH ~ im keeping my eyes on her only. 😉

  6. Today’s ep sure lack much hyori air time ( BOooo Booooooooooooo ^_^)….can’t wait for next week though.

    Looks like our queen has boxing gloves on in the above pic? FO female boxing 😛

  7. aww…how cute…i luv her face when she just woke up the most….

    it just looks so natural~~!!!

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