[Video][Eng Subbed] LeeSsang’s MV- feat. Hyori, Ryu Seung Beom

~~The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave~~


7 Responses

  1. this MV is a sad ending right?

    i don’t quite get the ending part

    but Hyori is beautiful as always

    Go Go Hyori~~!!!

  2. thanks for english sub….i really understand alot 😀

  3. Doesn’t he go back into the apartment at the end? Kinda like trying again or deciding what to do afterwards?

  4. I think even though he’s frustrated….he’s still going back home to her since they’ve been together so long. I guess it’s like the title says…..they really can’t leave each other.

    Thx for subs ash,mac & all 😀

  5. thank you i love hyori unnie

  6. Well ~ i guess its jus time-out for the long lasting couple. tt’s all.

  7. I love this mv and song! It’s gone straight to #1!
    Congrats to Leessang and Hyori who made this mv so popular!

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