[Hyori’s talk] Get to know Hyori better !!!



Hi guys, this list is a few years old, but I thought it would be interesting to share it with you guys, you guys can learn more about Hyori through this list. Now~~ let’s check them out!!

1. Favorite country: USA (specially NY)
2. Alcohol: Like the first time (처음처럼 type of Soju)
3. Cell phone: Samsung Anycall
4. TV Channel: MBC
5. Website: Bronx’s Junkyard!. The most of any other fan site! oh and i also like Daum and Naver
6. Magazine: Cosmopolitan
7. Color: Red
8. Brand: Abercrombie
9. Car: 닛산 큐브 (Im guessing it’s the Nissan Q??)

Credits: Bjunkyard

hyorii36 - kopie

1. Her favourite skincare method is to sleep whenever she has free time.
2. But she sometimes she gets only 3 hours of sleep a day.
3. The people she respects the most are her parents.
4. Though she loves hiphop, she loves any song as long as it’s nice to her.
5. She’s a Leonardo DiCaprio fan.
6. Her favourite sport is to ice-ski.
7. She doesn’t like it when her eyes disappear when she smiles..
8. So she used to use her fingers to pry her eyes open when she smiled.
9. She hates it most when she dances wrongly or sings off.
10. She wants a guy who is steady, can handle his own career and has respect for her career
cre: http://krent.xicn.net/item/2006/01/10/191242.html + hunny(Translation) + finklitis.com

11 Responses

  1. thanks…I get to know her better

  2. Very informative !!!
    she likes NY city ,its where i am from ..!!

    hehe i love hyori<3

  4. Haha. Awww but her eyes are so cute when she laughs and smile.

  5. oh yeah… LEO FTW! =D
    thanks ashie for updating hyoleesubs…

  6. coool. she likes the US

  7. the more i get to know her….the more i luv luv her


    go go national fairy~~!!!!

  8. I love this article! get to know more about Hyori! ^^
    btw, Abercrombie and Fitch! =)) me, toooooo! =))

  9. i wonder wads her fav foods…she loves fastfood lol…she ate burgers n stuff on otr alot..haha

  10. yea~ ive seen those listed on some sites. thnks for summing it up. i guess some of her likes hav changed afterall. 😉 appreciate the info still. Always Lovin’ hyolee. 🙂 XOXO

  11. lol

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