[Video] Hyori was called by Infinity challenge members

Gill was calling hyori in infinity challenge parody of sebakwi (Quiz to change the world).
It starts at 3:50 of the video. This 174 ep of Infinity challenge aired on 10 10 09.

Hyori had to guess the words that Gill described and then Yoo Jae suk numbered the guys and Hyori had to pick a number and the the guy got picked talk to her. I think the guy was talking about having a date with her or something and Yoo Jae suk also said if she wasnt interested or something that she could just hang up.


6 Responses

  1. hahahah ~~ 😀 the dating part was a prank, i suppose ? Its Infinity challenge anyways. the variety show tt has lots of gags and wht not. *LOL* i love watching tt show. watched a few eps already. Hyolee was friendly throughout the conversation despite she might knw how he looks. Oh well honestly, tt guy gives me goosebumps.He is out of my league.

    • agree, that guy looks scary, but i dont know whether she knows how he looks like or not haha, cause when he introduced himself, she was like” huh? ahaha Mr. Kim..something..balabla” i think she doesnt really know him, haha but well hyori is so smart.

  2. LoL …

  3. lol..both of them chosed him..and both of them doesn’t know who he is >.<

  4. OMG Hyori, nice move! :D:D:D:D

  5. Love Hyori! lol
    I wish she would do more variety shows like Star Golden Bell or even Infinity Challenge! She’d be so much fun to watch!

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