[Gossip Star] Voluptuous celebrities Lee Hyo-ri

These sexy gals are steaming up the entertainment industry nowadays…we have 이효리 (Lee Hyo-ri) who is sexy enough to capture the hearts of all men, actress 한채영 (Han Chae-young) who has the perfect figure that makes women cry, fashionista 김혜수 (Kim Hye-soo) is the up and coming ‘edgy fox’, and curvy 고은아 (Ko Eu-na) is rising as little 김혜수 (Kim Hye-soo)! These sexy celebrities have command of all men right now, so more details on their eye-catching attractions right now!

credit to arirangworld

7 Responses

  1. BOOM BOOM POW Hyolee. 😉

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  3. haha they just zooming on every girl’s chest….but hyori is the hottest baby!

  4. Hyori may not be model thin or super tall, but she’s got a rockin’ body that anyone would be envious of! She’s so damn HOT!

  5. Hyori is very charming………

  6. She is the real idol and very charming.

  7. Lee Hyo-ri is my number one and she will always be.

    She has the most unique and sexy smile ever! 😛

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